May 2013

by Hagay Lerner on APCO ZEFIRA

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Zefira / Israel

The Winter is finally over and XC season has begun.
This is true for Europe, but also here in Israel it is Spring now.
In general Israel is a very good country for flying, but it is tiny, - no space for long distance XC flights.
It is a narrow strip of land facing west. Prevailing winds for typical XC routes are from the West.
XC routes downwind to East are very short. Following this route will lead the pilot in no time to Syria or Lebanon - something Israeli pilots would like to avoid.
The only alternative for reasonable distance XC flight is from North to South along the coast, which is much more tricky with westerly winds.

Despite this, one of Israel's veteran pilots, Hagay Lerman, managed to make a remarkable flight of 111.7 km. worth mentioning, flying APCO Zefira (our EN C wing designated for XC flights) .
The flight is a new Israeli record for free flying XC distance (foot launch, not towed) - made on April 30,2013.
The take-off was from the banks of the Sea of Galillee - a village named Sarona, landing 3 hours later on the shores of the Dead Sea, landing at an altitude of
( -288)m. below sea level - at the lowest point in the world.

The distance covered is 111.7 km. - it is a modest distance, but a great achievement considering the topography of Israel

Our congratulations - well done - keep up the good work Hagay !!

See the link for flight details:

We look forward to you too breaking records on Zefira - confident you all enjoy this remarkable wing.
If you do not fly Zefira yet - it is time to order one...

Last minute news

- Just as we were about to wrap up this newsletter we received news from England.
Lawrence Fansa - another Zefira pilot from the UK - managed to open the season with 110 km. flight on his Zefira.

He commented:
"... just wanted to let you know that I managed 110 km the other day on the Zefira. It was my first ton and was very happy with the wing on that flight, handled the rough air very well."

Well done Lawrence - keep up the good work.

- At the same time we got more mail - this time from Patrice Beffrey - a new APCO pilot flying Slalomania competitions. He recently switched to NRG 18 and the result was immediate. He finished 5th in Mondreville, improving his position by over 10 places right from the start.
Patrice puts it down to NRG's flying qualities.
Our congratulations to Patrice too - sure it is just the beginning and we will see him on the podium soon.

More news

For 2013 we are updating and adding additional color choices to some of our products.

Chairbag III - we added 2 new colors - Black with Orange and Black with Green design - to the existing color choices of Black/Red and Black/Blue.
A total of 4 color choices.
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