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January 2013

 NOT 1 BUT 2 ! 

Play 42 MKII Tandem Altitude World Record and Time to Climb to 3000 Mtr.   

To all our friends and customers,


We are happy to announce the addition of 2 new world records to APCO's Wall of Fame.


These world records round up our list to an astonishing 16 world records made on Apco's various wings.


Both world records were made by Mr. Ryan Shaw from Paradrenalin USA on December 7th in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
On both record flights, oxygen was used as well as a Flight Recorder.


Apco World Record # 15: Tandem time to climb to 3000 meters above ground level was made in just 23 minutes using Apco's Play 42 MKII and beating the old record by a full 3 minutes.


Apco World record # 16: Play 42 MKII world record, Tandem altitude above ground level was broken by more than 1500 Meters over the previous record.


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Ryan Shaw and the World Record Play 42 MKII
Ryan Shaw and the World Record Play 42 MKII

This is the news as received from Ryan:



To: Apco Aviation
Subject: New world records


"Hey Anatoly and Apco,


Here is some info for your website and facebook:


On December 7th, Ryan Shaw from Paradrenalin USA and one of his students, Deanna set the World Record for the Tandem Time to Climb to 3,000m and also broke the existing Tandem altitude World Record by almost 5,000ft! They flew the Nirvana Instinct NS 230 and an Apco Play 42MKII for both World Records. Thanks to APCO Aviation for making such a great tandem wing! Anyone looking for a well made safe wing with state of the art design should look no further! 






Wishing you all a Happy 2013 with blue skies year round.


Thank you,






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