August 2013

Force SP :: LIFT 450 :: LIFT

The season is at its peak. We are super busy trying to keep up with orders here.

But we still find time to think about visual aspects of our wings, so you do not get bored.
In an effort to grab your attention we continuously launch new color combinations for our wings, searching for the optimum combination you will like.


1. LIFT 450 PPC wing
We were running the classic color combinations for this wing since its launch. It is time to refresh, offering slightly more sophisticated and modern color combinations. Hope it will be more in line with what you expect.

2. LIFT paramotor wing - back to the original color range.
A few months ago we made an experiment changing the color of the bottom surface of LIFT to White. This change was less popular with our pilots, so we are back to the original color design of LIFT with the bottom surface in similar color to top surface rear part.

3. FORCE SP paramotor wing - improvement to the color range.
Again based on pilot feedback we made some optimisation on the color range of Force and Force SP.
The current color range remains the same, but on Emerald (#7) the bottom surface has been repeated in a similar Green to the rear part of top surface

We constantly strive to optimize the colors and the look of our wing range.
We do hope that our efforts will be met with approval.
As always feedback is welcome.
Encouraged by your feedback we will continue to experiment with color combinations, trying to introduce more frequent color changes to every cut.
Trust it will make your wing stand out and color to be more unique and personal, so less of the same color wing will be flying next to you.


All the wings available from stock in colors as stated.

Your orders are welcome.

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