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April 2016
:: Airbag & XL Split Legs ::
Safety and Comfort  - Setting Future Standards
In this letter:

We are proud to introduce an additional accessory on our harness range - the Paramotor Airbag. 

The Airbag will be offered as an optional accessory to complete the range of accessories which already includes side pocket, reserve parachute container and back view mirror kit.

Self-inflatable and superlight - this airbag adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident. High volume and strong construction allow for maximum energy absorption.

In case of impact with the ground during forward motion, the frame will be pulled backwards, sometimes even collapsing and the pilot will hit the ground with his bottom part first. In these cases, Airbag will come into play, saving the pilot from unnecessary injuries.

The Paramotor Airbag can be fitted to any APCO harness and is a valuable safety upgrade and a big step forward in promoting safety in our sport.

The APCO Paramotor Airbag is universal and will also fit most other brands paramotor harnesses

Codes and Availability:

The Airbag is available in 2 versions:

Airbag for Split Leg harness 
Airbag for Universal and SLT harnesses 
(also fits most other brands paramotor harnesses) 

Airbags will be available mid May 2016.

The Split Legs harness has proven to be one of those, "once in a decade" improvements which cannot be ignored. In less than a year this harness has become the first choice for many pilots worldwide, including the international competition scene.

The Split Legs is not only a super-light harness, but also a smart design that brings the engine closer to your back making the whole set up feel lighter than you are used to. It is always a pleasure to see the surprise on a pilot's face the first time he picks up his equipment after upgrading to the Split Legs harness.

Codes and Availability:

Split Legs harness now available in 2 sizes to cover all size pilots out there:

Split Legs Low Hook up point:

Split Legs Low - S/M
up to 185 cm
Split Legs Low - L/XL  
180 cm and up

Split Legs High Hook up point (coming soon in L/XL size): 

Split Legs High - S/M 
up to 185 cm
Split Legs High - L/XL 
180 cm and up  
Harnesses in stock - your orders welcome.

Split Legs High hook up point harness in size L/XL will be available soon
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