December 2016


Lift EU II - Lift your Spirit
Lift EU II - Lift your spirit !!

LIFT EU is APCO's full reflex Trike Paramotor wing.

Over the last few years it has enjoyed great success due to its safety and incredible speed range.

We are proud to introduce the all new LIFT EU II - improved in both look and feel !

Inside the LIFT EU II we have incorporated an Auto balance system (ABS®) which was first introduced on our Force II.

The ABS2® system on the LIFT EU II is the second generation of this system which is now, even more user friendly.

® been further improved following our experience with Force II, does not require any special piloting and dramatically improves stability.

ABS2® is a system which automatically and gradually pulls down the tip steering as you release the back trimmers or pull the front trimmers. This action stabilizes the wing , cancelling roll movement, "planting" the trike under the center of the canopy.

This outstanding roll stability gives the pilot the best and most efficient flying path at high speeds! It is on cross country flights, or when chasing down a friend that the ABS2® system comes into play. The ABS2® system will get you from point A to B in the fastest way possible with no pilot input. On trim speed, the system is not activated, allowing dynamic flight with improved handling and minimal brake pressure.

Now the LIFT EU II is really the best package any pilot can ask for. The combination of it's speed and roll stability makes this wing a truly rare beast unique in its nature.

We are proud of the result, and sure it will continue to dominate the trike wings market.

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The LIFT EU II is dressed in 3 distinctive color designs, following the latest trend in APCO. The bottom surface cloth allows for advertising and logo application.


Description Code
LIFT EU II 400 11565
LIFT EU II 450 11465

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