November 2016


APCO's latest EN-A wing

Karisma - Live Your Dream!!
Karisma - Live Your Dream!!

The time has come - we are proud to launch the successor to Karma - the all new KARISMA.

KARISMA is a wing with a personality of its own, that will conquer you from the first flight.

KARISMA is the newest addition to our line and aimed at wide range of pilots. Equally well suited to pilots taking their first flights just out of school, as well as for pilots who want to have safe and simple fun on their cross country flights without compromising on performance and handling.

KARISMA is the type of wing which embodies all the advantages of paragliding and emphasizes them to grant the best flying experience.

The KARISMA is the Evolution of the Karma EVO. It possesses all the Karma virtues but has been fully redesigned from the ground up, and presents significant improvement in all aspects to be a worthy addition to APCO's range.

Constructed with the students in mind, and based on instructors feedback - it is a super easy glider to fly - simple and straight forward.

A new specially developed APP type profile (Sharknose) was used.
Our APP profile is instrumental in contributing to the safety of the wing by increasing and retaining internal pressure of the canopy across the entire speed range. It is a big step in passive safety, but an even bigger step in providing the pilot with an exciting flight experience. KARISMA is well balanced, combining excellent handling with outstanding performance and pilot friendly behavior.

Three line construction that converges into a clean and simple to understand 3 leg riser makes inflation and ground handling a breeze - no messy risers and lines tangled in reverse launch anymore.
For students, an accelerated learning curve is guaranteed. Safely getting them into the air and flying sooner than ever before.

A pre-production batch of KARISMA were delivered to selected customers, and the feedback is outstanding.
It is safe to say that it will become the wing of choice for our customers, and will continue to excite pilots long after out of school.

The KARISMA, is the best glider today for students and new pilots, as well as instructors and we are sure you will find it to be the best choice for you too.

KARISMA Paramotor Version

KARISMA available in paramotor version too. The wing was designed bearing paramotor pilots in mind and thoroughly tested under power.

The KARISMA overall behavior has pronounced advantages, such as, short take-offs even in nil wind inflations, with high fuel efficiency and exceptional stability.

The KARISMA offers the ideal solution for paramotor schools and pilots who choose APP profile non-reflex wing or require EN certification for schooling. 
(Delivered as paramotor version with purpose built paramotor risers on request)

KARISMA is certified EN-A in all 3 sizes (load test pending)

KARISMA Paramotor version – DGAC certification pending.

For more details please go to APCO website - click here


The KARISMA is dressed with a new color design, created by Kobi Gurevich - award winning graphic designer who won our color design competition
Bottom surface of KARISMA is all White for top surface reflection from the pilots point of view.


KARISMA is a significant step above Karma EVO with sharknose and 3D panel shaping.

We make a continuous effort to keep prices competitive and for a limited time will maintain the Karma EVO prices for KARISMA too.

(Prices will be updated with 2017 pricelist make sure to order before price changes)

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As proof of our confidence - we offer our exclusive 30 day money back guarantee for first wing delivered.

If the glider is not liked, we will refund the cost of the wing on receipt of the glider back. You are invited to take advantage of this limited offer - place your order today.


KARISMA is in production and we will start deliveries end of November.

Your orders are welcome !

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