November 2016

::Play 42 New Colors ::


Play 42 / UL proved itself a masterpiece of engineering and construction. Proven as a safe, reliable, perfect launching tandem wing The tool of choice for professional tandem pilots around the globe.

Now, we are refreshing the Play 42 with 5 new vibrant color designs, making a perfect product even more attractive.

Simple to use and straightforward to fly - allowing the pilot to concentrate on the passenger and let the wing do all the rest. With the Play 42, every launch is a successful take-off.

Durable, smart construction with use of Apco's double silliconized cloth will result in more flying hours than any other wing, providing the best possible value for money.

Fast, the Play 42 is a fast wing. With a high maximum speed, the Play is fast and still remains efficient with it's classic profile. The wide speed range adds an extra level of safety as into the wind penetration is improved.

For more details please go to APCO website:
Play 42 MK II - click here
Play 42 UL - click here

Play 42 - Double your Fun


The bottom surface of the Play 42 UL is White, especially for advertising purposes or placing of custom logos.


Description Code
Play 42 MKII 16100
Play 42 UL 16300

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Play 42 in new colors is available and in stock.

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