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June 2016
DHV / Finsterwalder Safety Notice

To all APCO Pilots out there,
Recently there have been issued a number of safety notices by DHV and other manufacturers regarding potential problems with harness buckles, causing concern to many pilots.
DHV Safety noticeClick Here >>
Sup'Air Safety noticeClick Here >>
We are glad to inform you that buckles installed on all APCO harnesses are not from Finsterwalder and / or Sup'Air, therefore our harnesses are not subject to safety notice issued by DHV. This applies to all harnesses in the APCO range - free flying and paramotoring.
Pilots using APCO harnesses can continue to use them with peace of mind.

In addition to our hardware suppliers claims of conformity to required specification or certification, we also always check all aspects in-house 
Each batch of buckles prior to being installed go through our additional rigorous Quality Control procedure.

Below you can find a video illustrating one of the safety checks we perform to insure that buckles are airworthy, reliable and fault-free:
1. Each buckle is loaded to 50kg. (approx. chest strap realistic load) and then shaken and moved in order to try to force an accidental release. This is to simulate the fault which is now appearing on the Finsterwalder buckles.
2. The same procedure done but with one of the push buttons pressed to simulate a situation in reality where one push button was not completely secured or the pilot accidently pressed on with his body movement.
The quick lock buckle should lock safely even if only one push button is pressed.

General Advice:
  • As a regular practice, we would like to instruct all pilots to continue to pay attention to their preflight tests, as described in the manual for all your flying equipment.
In addition:
  • Make sure buckles are firmly secured and that both push pins have jumped back into place after closing them.
  • We recommend that pilots periodically perform a similar test to what is illustrated in the video, manually, on each of the buckles - this is to make sure that no accidental opening can happen and to build confidence in the equipment.
Following the above recent notices - we would like to refresh our recommendation for harness shelf life - 10 years - this is to prevent safety issues arising from general wear and tear of daily use.
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