April 2017

Additional XS and XL sizes
Special School Package

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Karisma - Live Your Dream
Karisma by Marcus King / Cross Country Magazine

KARISMA has proven itself as the wing of choice for all schools we work with and also some new ones who were impressed by this wing. It only takes one flight to make the decision and embrace this wing.

It is a delightful wing with very good performance and behavior for both the pilot and the instructor for teaching.

We have now completed the range with 2 additional sizes - XS and XL - to cover all possible options.

KARISMA is fully certified EN-A

KARISMA Paramotor version - DGAC certification pending.

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As a limited time offer to promote this excellent wing, we are now offering a special school package:

FREE MAYDAY AND CLOUD CHASER HELMET - For every order of both Karisma and free flying harness.


  • Not including SWIFT or First
  • Not including paramotor version
  • Stock sizes and colors only
  • Maydays include 16, 18 and 20 (standard version only)


Together with the new sizes, we have also updated our prices which are now even more competitive.

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-----Original Message-----
From: Keith MacCullough
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016
To: Apco Aviation
Subject: Re: Karisma

Dear Sally,
Sorry for the delay I was away for 6 days with my boys on the coast visiting family.

As for the Karisma:

What a great all round first Paraglider.

I had a great Ridge Soaring Session with the Karisma and had no problem soaring with many much higher performance gliders with No sensation that I was disadvantaged. The handling is very direct with a nice feeling through the brakes. It was super easy to top land in a tight spot with so much Brake travel at its disposal. As for Ground Handling I don't think you could find a glider any easier. With a simple lift of the A's it gradually comes off the ground and stops perfectly over head with little to no tendency to over shoot the pilot. Once over head you can simply adjust direction using the C Risers with a light touch or if you prefer the brakes it was also quite intuitive.

Thanks APCO for outdoing your selves yet again with this perfect tool for the Starting Paraglider pilot and also making it a fun glider for us Instructors. Also love the new colors and logo design.


From: Mathieu Arlettaz
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017
To: Apco Aviation Office
Subject: Karisma


I've received the order last frida. The shipment was really fast (less then 48 hours after you posted it in Israel !), and I thank you for the shipment.

I've tried the wing yesterday in a really very cold winter day. There's a really very big problem with the wing. How could I justify to my students that they need to take lessons to learn to fly?

The wing is so lighter to inflate and inflated so well either in a light wind. Then, it wait the pilot over the head, without collapsing. It's really easy to take of. In flight, it's nice and flies really well. There was no real thermal but the various was indicating I was sometimes climbing a little bit.

The brake lines are a little bit long but when you do one turn around your hand it's reacting very well and progressively. I've tied doing some collapses but it's really opening very easily and fast, either while doing front collapse. But, another really appreciated point, while doing the ears, it stays collapsed as long as the flight is straight. I've also tried the speed system, we feel that the wing has a huge speed range, feeling that it's flying really fast with the speed system for a EN-A wing !
I've also tried the minimal speed and the remotes become really hard, excluding any risk of stalling by mistake. Wings-over are much harder than on the Karma Evo because the wing is also a little bit smoother than the old model.

In approach, it turns well flat without diving, making approach really easy. The landing is really smooth, and the flight can be really slow, making the eggs-landing possible.

So the wing is really fly nicely and properly, the best for a student. But it's quite too easy to fly ! ;-)

It seems to be one step lower the Karma Evo in term of nervosité and possibility to progress in «freestyle», but it gives a huge safety in flight and is really the best for this kind of wing.

So I was joking, don't worry, this wing has no problem, except that it's too easy! Thank you very much for your work while designing and building this wing. The white bottom surface colour gives the image of a smoother wing because colours look more smooth too! But the top surface design is so nice!

For the rescue, I hope I'll not have to check it soon! But the MD bag is nice.

Thank you also for the numbers and for the speed bars!

Thank you very much! All the best!

Karisma - Live Your Dream


The KARISMA is dressed with a new color design, created by Kobi Gurevich - award winning graphic designer who won our color design competition
Bottom surface of KARISMA is all White so top surface shows through from the pilots point of view.

Color design


KARISMA is available and in stock.

Your orders are welcome !
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