August 2017
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The view from the Top
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Vista IV

We are proud to introduce Vista IV in 2 configurations:

Vista IV - exciting sport class EN B wing with fully sheathed lines and APCO's time proven double siliconised Gelvenor fabric.

Vista IV Light - the same excitement, in a lightweight package and high performance unsheathed lines throughout the glider.

Back in 2014, when Vista III was first introduced, it was a ground breaking wing. It performed and felt like a well tuned racing car that excels in strong conditions!
Equipped with shark nose, it was the first 3 liner, certified EN B.

The new Vista IV is based on the platform of Vista III and improved on several key points:

3D leading edge cut smartly incorporated into the color design - it allows for a cleaner leading edge improved top surface layout and tension for better performance.

Risers - Perfect 12 [mm] webbing risers with incredible attention to details. They are super-lightweight at less than 99 gr!


Incorporating a unique A5, C5 (Split A, C) line connection method with no carabiners!
Making it cleaner, safer, lighter - smart and elegant.

Specifically designed ball bearing pulleys allow for the smoothest speed system operation possible.

Colors representing the new spirit of APCO Aviation, they are both striking and functional as they incorporate the 3D cut and allow for a balanced combination of different fabrics according to their position on the wing.

The Vista IV is available also with motor risers. Its pitch stability turns it into a very pleasant paramotor wing as it cuts through the air almost unaffected by small turbulence. Coupled with its performance, it is a highly efficient paramotor wing perfect for electric engines or low power motors.

Certification flight tests prove the safety of this wing. Despite being a true 3 liner it passed certification flight tests prove the safety of this wing. Despite being a true 3 liner it passed certification flights with almost all maneuvers in the A category! It is a very rigid canopy which reassures the pilot with its consistency and pitch dumping characteristics. It transmits an incredible reassuring feeling of safety to the pilot, building confidence, for better piloting.

Vista IV will be the perfect companion for any pilot from talented school student to cross country pilots looking for a good performing, safe and easy to manage wing.

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Description Code
VISTA IV XS  18615
VISTA IV S  18625
VISTA IV M  18635
VISTA IV L 18645


Description Code
VISTA IV LIght XS  18810
VISTA IV LIght S  18820
VISTA IV LIght M  18830
VISTA IV LIght L 18840
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Limited quantity of Vista IV cut, in stock.

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