January 2018
:: THRUST V ::
FAR more than ever before

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We are proud to introduce THRUST V ....

The Thrust V is a beginner/intermediate classic wing (non-reflex).
Designed with paramotoring in mind, it excels under power, but with its high lift profile and Flow Aligned Ribs, it will deliver also for free flying !

Almost "foolproof" Thrust V is perfect for teaching new pilots and will get any pilot flying faster than before.

Thrust V will progressively build the pilot's confidence as the canopy is very rigid, with reassuring feedback. This combined with its simplicity and ease of use, makes it the perfect package !

The Thrust V continues the legacy of the Thrust, but is a completely new wing - updated with latest technology available!

  • FAR ® Flow Aligned Ribs - Thrust V is the first model to incorporate this feature !
    It is the correct way to position the ribs of the glider - simply explained the tips will generate more lift!  This additional lift improves performance and more importantly, the safety and stability of the wing.

    See video:

  • A new APP ®shark nose profile allows higher maximum speed while retaining a more constant internal pressure - the canopy is rigid, boosting confidence to novice pilots.

  • Butt holes 2 - as the name suggests, these holes will easily allow release of any sand or debris collected inside the canopy.

    BT2 video »

  • Risers - redesigned riser, with 2 different attachment point options for any harness motor combination

Schools opting for a non-reflex wing for students, will find Thrust V as the perfect answer which will make it easier for both the pilot and the teaching process.

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Description Code
THRUST V - S  22610
THRUST V - M  22620
THRUST V - L  22630
THRUST V - XL 22640


Thrust V cut, in stock.

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