July 2017
:: CHAIRBAG Integral V ::

Convertible Harness / Backpack

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The ChairBag Integral V is a full feature, reversible harness, under 2.55 [kg].

Based on the successful previous model, the Chairbag V is improved on all aspects, including materials, geometry comfort and flying behavior, with 3 main visible points:

  • New polycomb, lightweight seat plate saving over half the weight, compared to traditional wooden seat plate.
  • Improved reserve compartment with a zipper closing system for the bridle sleeve.  Cleaner, safer and easier to deploy.
  • New back carrying system - updated, to be the same as on our latest paraglider backpack - proven and well tested for its comfort and ergonomic features.

Unlike other convertible harnesses on the market, the ChairBag comes with a full-size seat plate for maximum comfort and weight shift control.
Pilot protection insured by the integrated Cygnus air bag system and under the seat emergency parachute container.


PILOT COMMENT - early feedback

From: Jack Karev
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 1:26 PM
To: 'Apco Aviation Office'
Subject: Chairbag

Dear Sally , thanks for your email. I received the order of harnesses and had a chance to have my first flight.
I must say, I am very impressed with your Chairbag harness ! It is perfect in flight, does not feel like a light harness and as comfortable as other not light harnesses. Did not have a chance to really test harness as a backpack, but everything fits inside easily and the backpack is very well finished. I will sell plenty of these (: Can't wait for my wings ...

BR Jack

From : Tomer Rindenow
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 11:17 PM 
To: 'Apco Aviation Office' 


Hello APCO,

I am really excited about my Chairbag - thank you for your efforts for my urgent need.
As promised, please find short video review I made for your use.





Description Code Dealer PriceRec. Retail Price
CHAIRBAG V 46040 $369 / €339 $655 / €495

Your usual conditions apply !

CHAIRBAG V is supplied as standard complete with the following:

  - Polycomb light seat plate and leg plate

  - Removable storage sac in back pocket



CHAIRBAG V harnesses in stock, ready to ship.

Your orders are welcome !