June 2017
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Speed system pully

ANIMATION :: Adjustable Pulley Position

The SWIFT was introduced only a few months ago, but in this short time has gained a huge reputation!

Reviews from both professional magazines and private pilots confirmed that this harness is truly superior over any other harness on the market.

Featuring the Speed system pulley position - unique APCO feature, allows to move the pulleys position according the pilot's center of gravity, preventing the harness from pitching up or down when applying speed system. This feature is unique to APCO and is an example of our attention to the technical details of performance in flight.


5 Star review from Cross Country Magazine, Click Here »
"This is one of the best speed systems I’ve ever used. It’s ultra smooth, reducing leg pressure and improving feedback."  
"We both found the comfort in flight is superb. Lumbar support is fantastic with a nice solid-feeling back support with no pinch points or creases."

5 Star review from Parapente+ Magazine, Click Here »
"Pour moi, c'est LA sellette de cross-compétition de l'année... À ne pas rater."

Review from Thermik Magazine, Click here »
"Mit dem Swift will der israelische Hersteller Apco Wettkampfpiloten und XC-Piloten gleichermaben ansprechen. Das Liegegurtzeug konnte fur Apco das Comeback im Freiflugbereich am deutschsprachigen Markt bedeuten..."
Van Franz Altmann



As a competition oriented harness, the SWIFT is now fully certified by both EN and LTF up to 120 [kg].
Certification includes: 

  • Strength test, 120 [kg]
  • Reserve Deployment for both reserve pockets
  • Airfoam certified

In addition, the SWIFT is the only racing harness that includes a lexan plate which is used to spread any concentrated impacts (rocks) over a large area of the foam, improving the protection. The lexan plate also protects against penetration of sharp objects.


For more information about the SWIFT harness please go to APCO website - click here


SWIFT harness is packed with features which are sometimes hidden from view. The video manual thoroughly explains and guides for the correct set-up of the harness. Following our guidelines will allow maximum comfort and efficiency from the harness, utilizing all of its technological features. 

SWIFT Video Manual

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Description Code
SWIFT harness 44610

**For updated price of SWIFT, please contact APCO**


SWIFT is supplied as standard complete with the following:

- Polycomb light seat plate and leg plate

- 3 step integrated speed bar

- Removable flight deck 

- Airfoam protector

- Lexan plate


- Battery pocket

- Universal bridles

- Carabiners


The SWIFT  is currently available in one size:

M/L: to fit all pilots up to 1.90m

XL size is planned to be introduced in future.


SWIFT harnesses in size M/L are in stock, ready to ship.

Your orders are welcome !