March 2017
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Lift EU II - Lift your Spirit
Photo credit: Jean-Michel Ara (Parapente+)
Swift Race Harness

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Apco's New Logo

After more than 40 years of business we have decided to update our logo to a fresh new look. We are excited to start the year with this welcome change and sure you are too!
New logo will gradually be applied to all our products.


We are happy to announce:

FORCE II is now certified by DGAC - for more info click here ››

LIFT EU DGAC certification in both 400 and 450 - for more info click here ››

Game 42 is now certified by DGAC - for more info click here ››

DGAC certification for Cruiser - coming soon.

Split Leg harness - full range of sizes

The Split Legs harness has proven to be one of those, "once in a decade" improvements which cannot be ignored.
In less than a year this harness has become the first choice for many pilots worldwide, including the international competition scene.

The Split Legs is not only a super-light harness, but also a smart design that brings the engine closer to your back making the whole set up feel lighter than you are used to.

It is always a pleasure to see the surprise on a pilot's face the first time he picks up his equipment after upgrading to the Split Legs harness.


Codes and Availability:

Split Legs harness now available in 2 sizes to cover all pilot sizes out there:

Description Code
Split Legs Low
Size: S/M up to 185 cm
Split Legs Low
Size: L/XL 180 cm and up
Split Legs High
Size: S/M up to 185 cm
Split Legs High
Size: L/XL 180 cm and up

Split Legs Low

Split Legs High



SWIFT has stormed a market thirsty for competition products at competitive prices!
SWIFT is now in the process of being reviewed by some of the top professional magazines with genuinely excited feedback by the test pilots themselves.

To read a recent review on Swift from Parapente+ magazine click here


Photo credit: Jean-Michel Ara (Parapente+)

Following primary feedback from customers, we decided to go ahead and add a small accessory to further improve the harness.

POLYCOMB SEATPLATE - 50% lighter honeycomb structure, stiff as wooden seatboard for optimal feedback from the wing and harness.
This material will be used both on the seatplate and on the legplate, reducing almost 500 gr. from the weight of the harness.
Will be supplied as standard for no additional cost.

Seat Plate Seat Plate

Battery Pocket - easily attaches to, or removed from, the instrument panel.
It is accessible in flight and can be used for a variety of small items, among them battery for instruments.
Code: 80034


HOSE EXIT UPDATE - Ballace bag hose exit has been improved to have better access and easy threading of large diameter hose.

CERTIFICATION - SWIFT harness is now in process of EN certification - news will be released once finalized.

MANUAL - Video manual is in the works and promises to be informative and easy to understand, discovering the hidden features of this excellent harness.



Our propeller covers offer a unique security webbing. (Credit Mr. Beny Peretz)
For clutch operated paramotors » perform the ground engine warm up with the propeller covers installed and prop secured to the frame to prevent any potential accidents of sudden prop revs.

proppeler cover


New webbing loops for trikes

Code: 44701 - Webbing loop to connect Harness to Trike frame. MBL 800 [kg]
Code: 44700 - Webbing loop to connect Trike frame to Wing. MBL 1,800 [kg]

Web Loop

Team Pilots wanted!

Preparations for the coming season are at their peak - this is the time for all dealers out there to point out those special pilots they want to represent and promote APCO products. Team Pilot spots are now open - for more information - click here >>



Expect more exciting new products and projects for 2017 !

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