November 2017
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Closed Circuit Triangle 222.4 [km]
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APCO Aviation would like to congratulate PAULO SEABRA of Brazil for his World Record !

Paulo carefully planned, prepared and executed this achievement, selecting APCO's LIFT as his wing of choice.

Preparing for such a challenge requires 110% commitment on all aspects – in this mental state the pilot will make no compromises to his equipment and will choose the absolute best to reach his goal!

The LIFT in size Small proved to be the ultimate tool for this task. As a full reflex wing, it is fast with no compromise on safety which allowed the pilot to push the wing to its absolute limits. Opting for the S size, although exceeding the recommended maximum weight, delivered even more speed and stability.

On June 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm. in Tijucas, Brazil, Paulo landed with a big smile of victory - a new World Record was set at 222.4 [km] closed circuit triangle!

It is a remarkable achievement confirming both the pilot and the wing as World Class Performers.

We welcome Paulo to our Wall of Fame joining APCO's other 16 World Records.

Thank you Paulo for choosing APCO !

Read the flight story in Paulo Seabra's words:

"On June 11, 2017, I completed the "longest distance in closed circuit" performance, circuit with three points (triangle), totaling 222.4 Km.

I took off at 08:17 a.m. and I landed 12:32 p.m. in Tijucas of the South, Paraná, Brazil.

Thus surpassing the previous world record of Henrik Jacobus Theron of 207,8 Km.

The APCO LIFT paraglider brought me a lot of safety in this flight, smooth controls, very stable without needing to be active acting, very stable even in the thermals where I passed.

This was my second attempt, in the previous I had a problem in the engine and had to give up.

Now I was successful, on this day the weather conditions were perfect, the flight was very pleasurable. I've been flying the APCO years and I feel very satisfied.

TYPE OF AIRCRAFT: APCO Lift S (Paraglider) – HE210 (Engine)

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LIST of ACHIEVEMENTS: (APCO's World Records)

# Date Place Pilot Record Distance Speed Wing
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2 11 July 1992 Mt.Seven, Canada Chris Muller Declared Goal 146.22km - Apco Astra
3 19 Aug 1992 Owens Valley, USA Sean Dougherty Height Gain 3671.7m - Apco Astra 27
4 31 Dec 1992 Kuruman, South Africa Alex Louw Open Distance 283.85km - Apco Astra 30C
5 28 Jul 1994 Mt.Seven, Canada Eric Oddy Speed Run, 25km Triangle 25km 17.33km/h Apco Supra 25
6 18 Dec 1994 Kuruman, South Africa Alex Louw Declared Goal 250.2km - Apco Xtra 30
7 25 Jan 1999 Eucla, Australia Howard Travers Tandem, Out & Return 104.2km - Apco Futura 42
8 25 Jan 1999 Eucla, Australia Howard Travers Speed Run, Tandem, 100km Out & Return 100km 24.59km/h Apco Futura 42
9 2 Dec 1999 Quixada a Poranga, Brazil Andre Fleury Open Distance 213.7km - Apco Futura 42
10 Aug 2000 Annecy, France Mark Hayman Speed Run, Tandem, 25km Triangle 25km 24.31 km/h Apco Futura 42
11 23 Dec 2000 Prieska, South Africa Beau Basson Declared Goal 265km - Apco Tigra
12 13 Aug 2005 Niska Banja, Serbia Jaka Gorenc    Accuracy Championship / World Championship   - Apco Tetra
13 10 June 2006  Kazanlak, Bulgaria Venelin Staikov Speed over 50km circuit paramotor 50km 51.63 km/h  Apco Thrust
14 11 Sep 2006 Miccosukee, FL (USA) David R. Rogers Distance in a closed circuit with limited fuel   - Apco Thrust
15 7 Dec 2012  Phoenix, Arizona, USA Ryan Shaw Tandem World Record -
Altitude 4,605 meters
    Play 42 MKII
16 7 Dec 2012  Phoenix, Arizona, USA Ryan Shaw Tandem World record - Time
to climb to 3000 meters 56 min.
    Play 42 MKII
17 11 Jun. 2017 Brazil Paulo Seabra Closed Circuit Triangle World Record 222.4 Km.    LIFT S