January 2017


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Lift II PPC - Master the Skies !!
LIFT II PPC- Master the Skies !!

LIFT PPC is by far the best PPC wing out there in terms of speed, glide and fuel efficiency. It is an elliptical reflex design, aerodynamically superior to all other options currently on the market.

Designed for experienced pilots, it delivers more in all aspects of flight - the ultimate choice for performance, speed, fun and safety.

With the all new LIFT II we have pushed the limits one step further. The LIFT II is a bold and iconic design, building on the pioneering values of LIFT previous generation.

LIFT II PPC offers several dramatic improvements over any other type of PPC wing such as better handling and maneuverability which puts this wing at a new level of fun flying. The efficiency of the reflex profile allows better climbing rate, improved fuel consumption and higher top speed.

APCO has always spearheaded the development of safety in flying technologies. Benefiting from our lead in the competitive PPG world, the new LIFT II is now fitted with the breakthrough APCO HIT valves®.
The reflex profile used in the LIFT II is characterized by a strongly positive pitching coefficient. This point translates to a highly safe canopy that allows reaching higher speeds while improving the safety which is now better than ever before.

LIFT II is offered in 3 exciting new colors, taking APCO color design to the next level. The bottom surface is all White allowing the pilot to see the reflection of the top from under the wing and if needed apply commercial logo.

LIFT II - Enjoy the flying precision and world class APCO refinement in a beautifully balanced flying machine!

We are proud of the result, and sure it will continue to dominate the PPC wing market.

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The LIFT II is dressed in 3 distinctive color designs, following the latest trend in APCO. The bottom surface cloth allows for advertising and logo application.

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LIFT II 400 11700
LIFT II 450 11750
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