November 2013

:: FORCE SP (Sport) L ::

New high end reflex paramotor wing
The next generation

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The Force saga continues – a huge success.
Force SP is an even further refined and perfected version of Force.
As our Belgian dealer commented, expressing the opinion of the majority:

"...done some flights with sport force. The glider is smoother in handling than force. More agile so more fun to fly."
Birdy from europpg

Now we are also ready with Force SP in Large size – it extends the weight range to 190 kg. making it a perfect wing for heavy pilots and trikes.
The Force SP L comes with all improvements and updates found on Force SP S and M sizes.
We are confident in its success.

Technical Data      
  Small Medium Large
Cells 50 52 54
Area [m2] 25.48 27 28.52
Area (projected) [m2] 22.46 23.8 25.14
Span (incl. Stabiliser) [m] 11.88 12.48 13.08
Span (projected) [m] 9.91 10.41 10.91
Aspect Ratio 5.54 5.76 6.00
Aspect Ratio (projected) 4.37 4.55 4.73
Pilot Weight (all up) [Kg] free flight 70-100 85-120 110-140
Pilot Weight (all up + paramotor) [Kg] 75-145* 100-170* 125-190*
Weight of Canopy [Kg] 6.2 6.6 7.0
Root Chord [m] 2.56 2.56 2.56
Tip Chord [m] 0.43 0.43 0.43
Length of Lines on B [m] 7.00 7.45 7.85
Total length of line used [m] 364 384 404
* Higher wing loading advised when flying trike.
  Material Diameter Strength
Top Dyneema unsheathed 1.0 [mm] 90 [kg]
Mid(a1;b1) Vectran unsheathed 1.0 [mm] 153 [kg]
Mid(a;b;c;d), St Br mid Vectran unsheathed 0.9 [mm] 115 [kg]
Bottom A3; A5; B3; B5 Super Aramid 1.8 [mm] 230 [kg]
Bottom A1; B1 Super Aramid 1.9 [mm] 320 [kg]
Bottom C; St Super Aramid 1.5 [mm] 150 [kg]
Brake Cascades, st top Vectran unsheathed 0.6 [mm] 50 [kg]
Steering Line,St Br Btm Polyester 2.0 [mm] 85 [kg]
Sail Cloth Blend of Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Warranty 3 Years/ 250 hours

Glider Performance Data
Force SP Performance Data
V-min 22 [km/h]
V-trim (- closed) / V-trim (0 equal risers) 39/42 [km/h]
V-trim off (open) 53-55 [km/h]
V-max. 68+ [km/h]
Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) less than 1.2 [m/s]
* The Force SP has been thoroughly tested in-house and we have complete confidence in the wing.

Color Choices

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Force SP L as well as S and M sizes in stock.

In parallel we continue to offer the classic Force and it is in stock in all sizes too

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Code Description
32100 Force SP S
32200 Force SP M
32300 Force SP L
31100 Force S
31200 Force M
31300 Force L

FORCE SP - may the force be with you!

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