February 2014

:: FUN 42 MK III ::

Evolution and update

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FUN 42 tandem wing born in 2008 – since then it has evolved and undergone a number of upgrades and improvements.
In 2010 the Fun 42 MK II was launched and it is still very much liked and popular tandem wing.

For the upcoming season, we are launching a further evolution of this tandem wing – FUN 42 MK III.
All improvements are a result of direct pilot feedback, making a wing that pilots really need.


Performance improvements:

  • Wider speed range with slower minimum speed
  • Lighter brake pressure
  • Better climb and soaring capacity
  • Improved flare when landing
  • More efficient thermalling - better climb

Construction upgrades:

Longevity of tandem wing is one of the main parameters considered by tandem pilots.
Revised, careful blend of cloth and materials will guarantee many more hours of service for this new 3rd generation of FUN 42.
We at APCO believe that on Fun 42 MK III commercial pilots will be able to put in up to double the amount of hours before trashing, compared to market standard - making each hour of flight significantly less costly
(APCO wings are known for their sturdy, durable construction and this wing will continue the legacy)
The Fun 42 MK III in general retains all the good qualities of the MK II and nothing has been compromised for the sake of the improvements.
Still an extremely user friendly, safe, exciting wing to fly with great performance and easy launch

Fun 42 MK III is equally great for both free flying and for paramotor tandem flying
It especially excels when flying under power with a small, weak engine due to the outstanding performance of the wing and is the #1 choice for many light tandem trike pilots.

Fun 42 MK III is fully certified in EN-B Class.
APCO also performed thorough in-house intensive test flight sequence to verify that the wing is in-line with expectations on every parameter.

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Fun 42 MK III retains the same color choices and color design as Fun 42 MKII

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FUN 42 – Double your Fun

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