April 2015

:: LIFT EZ ::

Initial pilot feedback + introductory video

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It has been a short time since we released the all new Lift EZ. This wing is already making waves across the paramotor scene and not without reason!

This video was made to demonstrate the spirit of this wing. We had a great time making it and we are sure you will enjoy watching it.

Perhaps a bit exaggerated - As shown, this wing will accelerate the learning curve of any pilot in no time!

We are proud of this wing and ask all of you to share this video and "like" it on as many social platforms as you can. The power is your's to spread this news.

Initial Pilot Feedback

Using the opportunity, would like to share with all of you first feedbacks coming in.
Peter Backmann, a famous figure in Swedish Paramotor world, leading one of the better Paramotor schools in Scandinavia checked out the LIFT EZ and sent us his comments:

From: peter-backman
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2015 6:55 PM
To: apco@apcoaviation.com
Subject: Skybase - test Lift ez medium

I test fly the new Lift ez medium in little spring thermals and in very calm conditions. Launch very easy with trim in middle – no need to hold A-line in trike start. Minus trim also launch easy.
In middle trim in flight the glider is very nice and agile, fun to fly! Very light pressure on brakes, and it responsive to the pilot!
Minus trim slows down the handling in a good way for newbeginers, I would feel confident to let my students fly this wing in school. Lower speed and good glide….. it doesn’t feel like a reflex wing. Max trim has good speed and stability
I truly belive this wing is perfect for new pilots that want a wing to grow into…. And for pilots that want a stable wing for xc flight with good speed, that also is good for playing with easy handling in minus trim.
I fly with Funflyer BI and total weight of 165kg

Try it, you'll like it - it's EZ !!!

Blue Skies,



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