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August 2012
LTF Certification to 120 kg. 

Finally we are glad to report.

The MAYDAY 18 LT has now completed certification.

It is the last rescue chute on which we were missing certification at the time we reported on the expanded Mayday range.

MAYDAY 18 LT is now fully certified to maximum load of 120 kg. according to LTF certification requirements and registered under # RG 061.2012


MD 18 LT certification
MD 18 LT certification sticker


MD 18


We are proud to offer the most complete rescue chute range in our industry, covering every pilot need up to maximum load of 340 kg.  

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We are also running a promo on Guided Mayday SLT recently certified.

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MAYDAY 18 LT   in stock

(as well as all the rest of the emergency parachutes)


Product Code: 

82101LT - Mayday 18 LT in deployment bag


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A few fresh testimonies on Mayday life saves (July reports):



From: Ed Williams 
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 5:58 AM
To: Apco
Subject: Re: [APCO Website] Question about a Product - Ed Williams




What a coincidence. I just purchased a Mayday 18 SLT from you and I had to use it about a week after I installed it. It was certainly a life or death situation and I was happy the the reserve saved my life. Here is a link to a blog were I discuss that situation with my flying colleagues:




On another note, my friend Mike Reader was impressed with what I had to say about the reserve and he now wants to purchase one.....


Thank you,


Ed Williams, Denver, USA


From: medeteksi
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 1:38 AM
To: apco@apcoaviation.com
Subject: [APCO Website] Comment

 Hello Apco Aviation, I just want to thank you.. i bought a Apco Mayday PP 16 Rescue Chute in 2010.. Last week i get SIV course in Oludeniz/Turkey.. when I tried to flat spin, i lost my canopy control and I used the rescue ! It was opened so fast and i fall in the sea so smooth. Thank you again because you did your job well..! I also want to thank to IKARUS team in Turkey.. I will advice all pilots to use Apco rescue chute from now..


My best regards,


Medet Eksi Istanbul


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