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G-MD SLT (Superlight Guided Mayday)
New Mayday 18LT
New Mayday 20LT

APCO undoubtably is one of the most established, well known emergency parachute manufacturers in the field, with over 30 years of experience.
We have been manufacturing the famous Mayday range of emergency parachutes since 1976 and delivered an incredible 50,000+ emergency systems around the world. Many of them still in service. Hundreds of emergency deployments and lives saved confirming our reputation for perfection , putting safety and reliabilty above all.

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APCO became the market leader in supply of emergency parachutes long ago.
Offering the widest range of most reliable certified emergency systems available - covering paragliding, hang gliding, motorised flying and ultralight aviation.

Now we are expanding the Mayday range even further in an effort to cover every need, every pilot, every emergency situation.

We are proud to announce the most advanced and complete range of highly sophisticated, time proven emergency systems - the MAYDAY range.

The range covers pilots and aircraft up to 340 kg. Including rocket deployed systems for Swift rigid wing.

The classic line up:

Mayday 16, Mayday 18, Mayday 20, Guided Mayday steerable reserve, Mayday BI for Tandem pilots, Mayday 28 UL for Ultralight aircraft and Mayday 20 rocket deployed for high speed deployment (Swift etc.)

Additional range of Mayday is now available in light version - consisting of Mayday 16 LT and all new Mayday 18 LT, together with new Mayday 20 LT.

For even greater choice we also expanded our superlight range - Mayday 16 SLT, Mayday 18 SLT ,Mayday 20 SLT and all new SLT Guided Mayday steerable reserve. These are the most sophisticated, lightest, reliable emergency systems available.

The Mayday range today is the widest, most complete and covers every possible pilot need.

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Mayday Range of Emergency Parachutes
 NOTE - New products on the chart marked in Yellow

*MD Weight excluding bridle for hang glider version. Add an additional 550grams for long HG bridle
** Sink Rate [m/s] @ max load - As measured by Air Turquoise test laboratory
*** MD 20+20 SLT Rocket dep. - designed for high speed deployment, up to 50 [m/sec].

The new emergency parachute systems available from APCO now added to the range:

  • SLT Guided Mayday - all new, superlight, steerable reserve for pilots looking for reliable lightweight steerable reserve.
  • Mayday 20 LT - new lightweight version of Mayday 20 to fill the gap between the classic and SLT version of Mayday 20
  • Mayday 18 LT - new lightweight version of Mayday 18 to fill the gap between the classic and SLT version of Mayday 18
  • Mayday 20 Rocket Deployed - for motorised ultralight aircraft high speed rescue deployment****
  • Mayday 20SLT Rocket Deployed - superlight version for rigid wing gliders high speed rescue deployment****

****Mayday 20 and Mayday 20 SLT Rocket deployed are supplied to OEM customers - bulk orders only

G-MD SLT - Superlight Guided Mayday
sophisticated rogallo type, steerable emergency parachute

The new born superlight brother of our well known and respected G-MD is now being launched following the market need for a gliding, steerable rescue system with performance of G-MD, but much lighter and smaller pack volume (less than 2 kg.) To achieve the goal, we used the latest hi-tech materials and cloth, including the use of PN-9 (20 Denier based high tenacity Nylon - same cloth used on Mayday SLT range)

G-MD SLT - fully certified to EN requirements The G-MD SLT offers super fast but soft deployment, making sure you land safely, unshocked, steering to a target chosen by you. Deployment sequence of G-MD SLT is designed to function with or without cut-off system for the main wing, making it attractive to weekend pilots thanks to the simplicity of use, combined with advantages of steerable guiding rescue.

GMD intoduction video Guided Mayday SLT video
Guided Mayday deployment video - Click here Guided Mayday SLT video - Click here
  • Glide with L/D of ~ 1.5 and low sink rate, allowing for flare and soft landing.
  • Fully steerable
  • Low sink rate
  • High deployment reliability
  • Superfast opening with soft deployment shock
  • Excellent flaring capacity on landing
  • Competitive pricing (best value for money)
  • Comes complete with brake handles and bridle / riser

Mayday 18 LT and Mayday 20 LT

These are 2 new lightweight emergency parachutes to fill the gap in our range between classic and superlight Mayday. General design of both are identical to the classic Mayday 18 and Mayday 20, but with use of lighter materials and technology borrowed from Mayday SLT range - for performance see the chart above.

The all new G-MD SLT as well as Mayday 18 LT and Mayday 20 LT are now in stock for immediate delivery


  • 84101SLT - G-MD SLT in deployment bag
  • 82101LT - Mayday 18 LT in deployment bag
  • 83101LT - Mayday 20 LT in deployment bag

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Guided MayDay SLTMayDay 18 LT
Drop Test video

SLT External containerSLT External container

Skylark SLT deploymentSkylark Mayday 20SLT Rocket deployment