February 2013
:: NRG ::

New from APCO

The all new Slalom/Racing Reflex paramotor wing

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The NRG is our answer to the new challenging segment of small purpose built wings designed for slalom racing and high speed cross country flying.

The NRG conceived and designed to be the best wing in its category, capable of outperforming anything else out there.

It has the speed you need.
Agility to turn in the blink of an eye
Landing/take-off - as you would expect from us
Pilot friendly and reassuring to make performance usable
Its stability rock solid to let you use the speed and make the turn

NRG'swill excite every pilot -you will be infected by the racing virus instantly. The adrenaline rush will go through the roof and your heart rate will match the speed of the wing

The NRG purpose built for speed and agility to win the race and bring the victory

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DO NOT! test fly this wing, unless you are ready to buy it!

This wing is highly addictive.


The wing is in stock in both sizes - 18 m. and 20 m.
All colors available for immediate delivery
Your orders are welcome


NRG 18 38100
NRG 20 38200

NRG - Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

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