July 2013
:: NRG 22 ::

Expanding the NRG wing range

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At the beginning of the year, APCO launched 2 sizes of the exciting NRG wing – 18 and 20. Designed for Slalom and racing this exceptional reflex wing enjoys huge success –pilots praising it worldwide. Now we are glad to announce the additional larger size for NRG – NRG 22 . It is ready, tested and added to our range.

The NRG 22 further expands the range of possibilities for the most demanding pilots. First and foremost, it is a slalom competition wing for heavier pilots, or pilots flying light trikes. Then it is also the perfect choice for fast XC flying when aiming to cover long distances at a fast pace. The NRG expands options for flying in a wider range of weather conditions, as it is heavy loaded, fast wing, less sensitive to wind and bumpy weather. Further, it is the wing you need to have if you want to have fun, excitement and adrenalin as part of your flying.

NRG Technical Data    
Size 18 20 22
Cells 40 42 44
Area m2 18.7 20 21.3
Area (projected) m2 16.56 17.7 18.9
Span (incl. Stabiliser) m 9.53 10.08 10.63
Span (projected) m 7.96 8.42 8.88
Aspect Ratio 4.86 5.08 5.30
Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.83 4 4.17
Pilot Weight (all up + paramotor) Kg 70-115 90-135 115-160
Weight of Canopy Kg 4 4.3 4.6
Root Chord m 2.36 2.36 2.36
Tip Chord m 0.39 0.39 0.39
Length of Lines on B m 5.51 6.06 6.45
Total length of line used m 229 253 275
  Material Diameter Strength
Top Dyneema 1.0mm 90kg
Mid(a1;b1) Vectran 1.0mm 153kg
Mid; (StBr, a3,5,b3,5,c,d) Vectran 0.9mm 115kg
Bottom A3, A5, B3, B5 Super Aramid 1.3mm 200kg
Bottom A1, B1 Super Aramid 1.5mm 280kg
Bottom C Super Aramid 1.2mm 160kg
Brake Cascades, st top Vectran 0.6mm 50kg
Steering Lines Polyester 2.0mm 85kg
Sail Cloth "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Warranty Shock and Load test

APCO Competition results

In the meantime, fresh competition results have been reported back to APCO

- Baltic Sea paramotor Championships 2013 and Estonian Paramotor Championships
2nd place Henri Valdmann

- Baltic Sea paramotor Championships 2013 and Estonian Paramotor Championships
3rd place Jaanus Luberg

- Finland Pylon Race
Tikkanen Teri finished 3rd on NRG 20

- France
Patrice Beffrey flying NRG 18 finished 4th place, qualifying for French Team


The wing is in stock in all 3 sizes – NRG 18, 20 and 22

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Code Description
38100 NRG 18
38200 NRG 20
38300 NRG 22




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