November 2015

:: Laser Cutting & Signed wings ::

Personally sign your new wing

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Laser Cutting Table

"Setting Future Standards" is not just a slogan.

We at APCO are happy to announce that we have further upgraded our production facility with state of the art Laser cutting technology. We have added a new Laser Cutting Custom Machine 10[m] long and 2[m] wide. This new laser cutter will allow us greater flexibility and faster delivery times in the very near future. The advantages of this laser are not limited to time saving, but also accuracy in cutting, which translates to a cleaner, better performing wing.

The options that have now opened to us with this new laser cutting machine have encouraged us to start a new program in APCO:

"Personally Signed Wings"!

With every new wing, we will offer the option of a personal signature which we will laser cut and apply to your new wing.

In celebration of the new laser cutter, as of now we will offer a personal signature FREE OF CHARGE with every new wing order!

This offer is for a limited time, take advantage and order your wing now! (Personal signature retail value $400)


Your name/ nick name/ slogan/ company/ Luck charm

Your personal Logo

To enjoy a wing with your Personal signature or Logo, all you have to do is: Contact your dealer with new wing order and attach your logo or signature with chosen location on the glider according to the sketch below, we will take care of the rest.

Choose your preferred Signature or Logo location

Terms and Conditions:

  • Logo / signature size - maximum 1300mm x 600mm
  • Logo / signature can be from any single color from the list below:
Colors available for custom logo:
  Black   Green   Violet
  Red   Dark Green   Yellow
  White   Royal Blue   White Opaque
  • Logo can be applied to bottom surface of the wing only
  • Logo is applied using adhesive colored nylon cloth therefore no shading or gradients possible
  • We can receive any type of file for your logo/signature - a Vector file is preferred and will allow a more accurate replication of your design
  • Wings which have a personal signature / Logo are personal and therefore not subject to APCO's return policy
  • Offer applies to all current models, except Prima and new gliders to be launched

Your personal Logo

Your name/ nick name/ slogan/ company/ Luck charm

Exciting things are happening at APCO and this is just a small step in our efforts to set future standards.

Stand out from the crowd of pilots on take-off with a personally signed new APCO wing !!!

Blue Sky,

Apco Aviation
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