November 2014

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Customizing APCO's Universal Paramotor Harness

Universal Paramotor harness
with customized backplate
Universal Paramotor harness
with Velcro strips ready
for customized backplate
Applying customized

For a number of years we have been supplying our main bread and butter Universal paramotor harness. It continuously evolved and greatly improved over the years. By now it is the most sophisticated Universal Paramotor harness, fitting vast majority of frames and probably among the best on the market. Thousands of harnesses in use worldwide just a slight drawback, they are all Black and look the same, leaving you no chance to stand out in a crowd!!
Finally we decided to do something about this.

Stand out with your own color design.

BP #1 OR BP #2 BK BP #3 RED BP #4 OR BP #5 GR BP #6 OR

Choose your custom version

From now on Universal harness delivered as standard prepared to accept customized padded and/or airmeshed backplate.
Additional Velcro strip sewn into the back of the harness designed to accept various backplates.
Different optional standard design backplates available. They couple with the harness by simple strip of Velcro. The backplate can be easily peeled off or stuck on again. If dirty, can wash separately. If you are tired of it, can be replaced, or switched to match your wing. The backplate is not only attractive, but also cushions your back for extra comfort. You will definitely notice the difference in comfort.
Extremely light - only 170 - 190 gr.

- We offer a number of basic backplate designs for Universal Paramotor harness - they are optional and can be ordered separately - we will supply any quantity, even one at a time.

- If you order 5 or more backplates, we can switch colors between Grey, Orange, Black and Red, keeping the backplate design. No extra charge.
(except BP #2 Black which can only be switched to Grey).

- If you order 25 or more backplates, we can produce with your logo.

- If you order 25 or more backplates, we can make your own backplate design

General features - Universal Paramotor harness:

  • Fit most frames
  • Quick-lock buckle system
  • Adjustable seat angle - adjustable during flight
  • Shoulder adjustment
  • Left and / or Right side zipped on rescue container (optional)
  • Left or Right side zipped on side pocket (optional)
  • Optional mirror kit
  • Optional new Ball bearing Pulleys
  • Universal Bridle connection to the harness
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Now with optional customized detachable backplate

410151 BP #1 OR
410152 BP #2 BK
410153 BP #3 RED
410154 BP #4 OR
410155 BP #5 GR
410156 BP #6 OR

Customized logo - quoted separately on demand

Customized design - quoted separately on demand

New features for SLT harness range:

In an effort to streamline and optimize the range, we added new features to the SLT range of harnesses.
All paramotor harnesses now share most of the features

New - Floating seatboard

Floating seatboard was a feature offered only on Universal harness. Until now, SLT range of harnesses had a fixed seatplate.

Now Floating seatboard offered for all APCO paramotor harnesses.

Floating seatboard helps for very easy launch and landing without compromising anything.

New - improved safety

New for SLT range of harnesses

New design for safety backup webbing.
Backup webbing securing the side arms, now built from 1,200 kg. webbing and continuously running all the way down and under the seatplate to the other side.

See photo on left- safety webbing shown in Black.

Optional mirror kit

Mirror kit now offered as option for all APCO paramotor harnesses. Designed for rear view check when flying - checking fuel consumption etc. The kit consists of a retractable spring loaded line (mirror holder) and mirror. Easy to assemble.

Click here for assembly instructions

Mirror kit Code: 80031

New - finishing touches

We continuously strive to improve the look of our products. On the SLT paramotor harness range grey airmesh trimming was used on the shoulders. Some of you did not like it as it tends to get dirty quickly. Now we replaced the Grey trimming with Black airmesh on the entire SLT harness range.
Shoulders and side pockets are now trimmed with new look high tech cloth, enhancing the appearance of both harnesses SLT High hook in and SLT Low hook in.

Product codes
  • 41015 - Universal Paramotor Harness Rev. 11/14
  • 28015 - SLT Paramotor Harness :: High Hook-Up points Rev. 11/14
  • 420415 - SLT Paramotor Harness :: Low Hook-Up points Rev 11/14


Harness prices unchanged

NOTE - All harnesses are in stock - your orders welcome.

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