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 March 2012
 Product Maintenance and Assembly
New APCO Video Manuals +  

Dear All - Apco friends, customers and dealers,

We are sending here a brief message informing you of new video manuals recently released for selected APCO products.

These short instructional videos are for you  to use when setting up your equipment.  

I am confident they will be of help.


All of the videos are available on Apco's You tube Channel - we will continue to update the channel with new videos.


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Video Manual - Free Air Com II  


An instructional video of Free Air Com II Helmet and accessories assembly.
The video has 3 parts:

1 :: Visor assembly
2 :: Communication headset assembly
3 :: Changing the Paramotor retention straps to free flight retention straps


Free Air Com II  


Video Manual - Flight Deck - 3 parts  


This 9 minute video has a few sections covering all Flight Deck options - Flight Deck with front external container for emergency parachute  or with water ballast.

1 :: Flight Deck - top part assembly and configuration
2 :: Bottom part Ballast Bag - connecting to Flight deck top part 
3 :: Bottom part Emergency parachute Front container - packing the emergency reserve        into the container and connecting to the flight deck
4 :: Connecting the flight deck to the harness


Video Manual - Flight Deck - 3 parts  


 Wonder Bar & Foot Rest Video Manual  


This video manual is intended to ease the assembly APCO's harness accessories. Great help in fine tuning your harness for the best configuration and comfort possible. 
First part (0 - 
3:00) : Wonder bar Stirrup assembly 
Second part (
3:00 - 4:32
) : Foot Rest assembly  



  Wonder Bar & Foot Rest Video Manual


These instructional videos are the latest additions 

to the other video manuals a

vailable on our You Tube Channel


Another small improvement 

to make the difference, making your life easier.


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