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January 2012


As published in leading French magazine Parapente+ 
Issue Jan/Feb 2012



In the last edition of Parapente+ Magazine (ex Vol Libre Magazine) a comprehensive comparison of all wings on the market was published, summarizing all glider reviews for wings evaluated by them over the last 2 years.


I thought it would be a good idea to share with you this broader view of APCO wings as reflected by the media when directly compared to other leading wings in each Class.


It allows for easier understanding of the true position of our wings when compared to the competition.


We are proud to report - after comparing all leading wings in the most important Class (EN A + EN B) the new APCO VISTA II SP emerged as the best wing and chosen as "Wing of the Year"

II SP 2011 Glider Of The Year
VISTA II SP 2011 Glider Of The Year



VISTA II SP with the best speed range, perfect glide and overall performance is a convincing winner - you will fall in love with it as soon as you try it.


Parapente+ published a separate complete review, fully evaluating VISTA II SP (Issue December 2011) -  Click here for the full review..


Also leading Japanese magazine Paraworld (February 2012) featured Vista II SP giving it high praise

(For those who understand Japanese, to read click here.)


Parapente+ Magazine again went to the trouble of lining up all the harness assortment available on the market describing all best harnesses available in 2011

Our Blade and Chairbag harnesses starred, receiving thumbs up

To check out the full story click here.. 


The Blade received a separate evaluation covering all aspects of the harnesses - Click here for the full review...


Our latest creation in the harness department, the RITMA was scrutinised by ParaWorld magazine - see December 2011 edition - to check out, click here.


Following the tremendous success of Ritma in Japan and worldwide they evaluated the harness and had only exceptional things to say about it.

To conclude,

APCO products continually emerge on top with better performance, handling and construction, ahead of the competition

Proving once again that APCO Aviation is,


 P.S. 2012 is a special year for APCO - we are celebrating 40 years in business - a remarkable achievement on its own for this difficult market. (A nostalgic piece reflecting on 40 years of free flying history and APCO's contribution to it will be sent out separately)

Blue skies,


Anatoly Cohn
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