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January 2012

:: ZEFIRA ::

The New EN-C wing from APCO



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zefira, new EN-C glider by Apco
ZEFIRA - the new EN-C glider from Apco lighting up the skies

Finally, APCO launches its newest creation - ZEFIRA 


ZEFIRA designed to be our competitive answer to the latest generation of top performing certified wings. 


For full details on ZEFIRA please click here


ZEFIRA is at the top of the stack and can compete with all the rest. Special attention was given to make its performance safe and manageable.

In light of the latest developments on the competition scene (with many brands launching wings where performance is all that it is about, sacrificing everything else - wings too hot to handle even by the best of pilots) we made sure ZEFIRA's performance is top of its Class, but can be handled by you.

ZEFIRA is fully certified for EN-C Class trim and  accelerated and fun to fly. 



Please visit our website or click here for more details, performance data and photos...   


Delivery and Codes
Zefira EN-C

ZEFIRA in stock in 2 sizes (S and M). 

Another 2 sizes (XS and L) will follow





ZEFIRA XS - 36100

ZEFIRA S -   36200

ZEFIRA M -  36300

ZEFIRA L -   36400



Your orders welcome


S and M sizes are now in stock for immediate delivery.

Other sizes will follow - separate announcement will be made  


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