April 2013
:: LIFT ::
:: 2013 Colors ::

For full description and details on LIFT - click here

The LIFT has proved to be one of the best selling wings of all times for us. It is so good we constantly have trouble keeping up with orders (yeah, sorry for delivery delays ;)

It is an amazing all round PM wing and is considered the best in it's class by many pilots and professionals around the world.

Reviewed by both Paramotor + Magazine and Ojovolador, it received only praise.
It has also just been reviewed by German Thermik Paramotor Magazine and by Cross Country's International Paramotor Magazine

For 2013 we have updated the colors.
From now on, all colors except Greybird will have an all white bottom surface.


The wing is in production in all sizes.
All colors available.
Your orders are welcome.

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