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April 2012

:: LIFT 450  PPC wing ::

Revolutionising the PPC industry


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 LIFT 450 introduction video- LIFT the SPIRIT
LIFT 450 introduction video - LIFT the SPIRIT
Lift 450 - history in the making.APCO is proud to make a bold claim - history in the making. We are launching the all new LIFT 450 PPC wing. Reflex profile based, revolutionary concept - to make all past generation PPC wings obsolete.

Do not be misled by the elliptical shape and high performance of the wing - the LIFT 450 is not just a
Lift 450 - history in the making.
high performance wing aimed at ace pilots, it is a wing to replace the majority of today's rectangular PPC wings. The safety and pilot friendly behavior of LIFT450 are on a par with any basic PPC wing you have ever known.

At the start of the millennium PPC scene reached itsLift 450 - history in the making. peak and was a vibrant business in which APCO took an active part. Unfortunately the last dozen years saw a sharp decline in PPC sport, leading to massive closures of PPC manufacturers and complete stagnation in R&D of PPC machines and wings.

Finally we at APCO decided that it was time to break the ice and mark a new era by launching LIFT 450 - a truly revolutionary wing.

Forget about what you knew and flew until now.

LIFT 450
Lift 450 - history in the making.span>

No failed launches, no bad landings, no scary feeling of shaky wing, no high pitch noise from engine running at maximum RPM, no tired legs from massive brake forces......  


  • Auto stable reflex profile for unprecedented stability
  • APCO unique HIT valve equipped for added safety in turbulent air
  • Leading edge FLEXON batten equipped (pioneered by APCO) replacing mylar stiffeners (maintenance free, ever-lasting solution ensuring stable performance)
  • Moderate A/R elliptical wing concept for performance unseen in the trade
  • Fool proof launch and landing - straightforward launch on a par or better than the best launching PPC wing - Click for video
  • Performance - L/D never seen before, twice as good compared to common PPC wings - (really amazing!!)
  • Safety as good or better than any rectangular wing
  • Turning ability and handling - agile and precise - unheard of when compared to regular PPC wing
  • Steering forces  - light and comfortable - you will not have shaky weak knees even after long flights
  • Off power/full power - no or very low torque effect
  • Butt hole on tips of trailing edge for debris cleaning
  • ~30% lower RPM for straight and level flight.
  • Great fuel saving, much reduced cost per hour flight - greener and more cost efficient 
  • Significantly extended engine TBO (Time Between Overhauls) thanks to lower RPM  and less stressful engine work through all stages of flight.  
  • We estimate 25% to 30% of extension in engine TBO - so the wing will pay for itself very fast
  • Option of using a less powerful engine for the same performance with further dramatic cost reduction of the PPC


LIFT 450 wing  - 11450 

Bag                    - 70845

Line Sleeves     - 70840 


Note - the wing is sold complete, ready to fly - the price does not include quick links, bag and line sleeves or risers.

Quick links we stock and are available for wing riser connection - (depends on type of riser or your preferences):

Delta shape #6          - 43126F

Oval #6                      - 43122F

Oval #8                      - 43123F


Risers - we stock standard risers 70842L (Left) & 70842R (Right)




Wing in stock - your orders are welcome



LIFT450 - Lifting your spirit


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