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LIFT range certification update


November 2012

Lift - lift your spirit

More fresh, good news!!!


    LIFT Large has successfully completed certification test flights in the frame of LTF/EAPR certification.


We are proud to report that now safety of all 3 LIFT sizes has been confirmed by EAPR in full accordance with LTF requirements

Only the Load test is pending and will be completing it at the first opportunity.


LIFT has proved to be one of the biggest hits in APCO's history.

Throughout this season we had difficulty in keeping up with demand.

Apologies to all the pilots we made wait.

Now towards the slower season we are building up good stock and are confident that we can keep up, shipping promptly.


We believe that LIFT will continue to be a success also for the upcoming 2013 season as there is nothing else yet to match.


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LIFT your Spirit

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