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APCO paramotor wing range update


August 2012

Lift - lift your spirit

We are glad to announce additional size of our new paramotor wing - the LIFT Large.

It is now available alongside Small and Medium sizes.

Deliveries will start beginning September on our return from vacation.

Your orders welcome, even though we are closed for vacation - we will fill your orders on our return.


LIFT S and M successfully completed certification test flights, for newly announced special paramotor LTF / EAPR certification. 


Load test pending.



LIFT turned out to be a great success - very positive feedback coming in from different corners of the world.


Forget about what you knew and flew until now. 


A few recent comments on LIFT:


From: Modnoy

Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 12:25 PM


Dear Thaicoen


....The amazing thing is how easy it is! It is very stable,I did a lot of kiting with no hand at all! The wing always there over your head ready at take off position. Is it cool?

Flying, my pilot friends who flown LIFT said it is the easiest wing they ever flown!

The Wing itself  is very stable in the air also need very little pilot input to control the direction.

With thermal the wing response very soft ,my friend said "like you ride luxury car"

Speed...not as fast as FORCE but with trimmer on it is not a slow wing!

Trimmer off ...incredible slow, slower than other wing ,you will have a lot of happy  slow flight time no worry about stall,that is one of the best thing LIFT can do.

Take off.... Less power and at lease 30% less take off distance!

That what I an at this moment Coen,you should buy one, that is my suggestion.


From: Barry K K Tan 
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 
 7:27 AM
To: Apco
Subject: APCO LIFT



Dear Anatoly,

Herewith attached is my Warranty Card for the Lift. I have flown it for the first time last weekend and I must say it is a really fun wing to fly. Launch is easy and climb rate superb. Tip steering is very light and true.
Landing is a cinch. I have flown the Force for over a year now and switching to the Lift, I can say I have found the wing that suits me best!

Thank you APCO!

Best rgds,



From : Brian (Turbo) Tunnard UK
This afternoon I had a slightly longer 'test flight' on my Apco Lift ... :-P . 
What U need to know ... I'm still very impressed with this wing ;-) . 
A nice easy reverse launch with trims at neutral into a 5 mph wind ... some quite thermic air ... no drama at all. I took her up to a safe height, changed trim to Full Reflex, then tried a bit of 'wanging' using the tip steering ... which is VERY effective. You can really 'feel' the wing. If U wanted to, you could easily do wing-overs with the tip steering alone. 
Speed into wind using speedbar ... again ... impressive ... faster than my Nuke by (guessing) 5 mph. 
I tried something a bit different for the landing ... full slow trim, and pull 20% brake at 50 feet ... slowed right down ... with still LOADS of authority for final flare. I reckon THIS was the softest, slowest landing I've EVER done .. simply brilliant :-P .  


After landing, and without needing to take a single step, I continued to fly the wing at a walking pace towards where I'd parked my car (cross wind by 40 degrees) ... felt very smug :-D .
Still haven't got definitive figures for the efficiency as it was quite bouncy / thermic air, so meaningless ... but I am starting to get the impression that I have to use less revs (maybe 600rpm) to stay in level flight at a similar speed than my  much bigger Nuke. ...

Sooo ... bottom line ... U defo' need to try one of these, to see if U like the handling etc  ... put it at the top of your list imho :-) .



From: G-Force Paramotors 
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:44 PM
To: 'Apco'


I like the Lift very much and I see possibilities to sell in Germany....


Best regards

 Raymond Ruckenstuhl


Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 10:24 AM
To: Apco  

Dear Anatoly,


....I do think the Lift is the best paramotor wing available and will set the standard in ease of handling, stability and performance for this type of wing.  As I said before the Lift I think this will appeal to all levels of pilot because of the stability, stress free handling and speed when it is needed.  I think that the Apco Lift does prove that you can produce something that is safer, but has a level of performance that even experienced pilots will be proud to own.  I would be selling many of these wings, ....


***APCO closed for annual vacation August 14 - September 2***

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