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LIFT Paramotor certification Update


June 2012

Lift - lift your spirit

LIFT is out now and we are receiving great feedback.*

Everyone likes the wing.  The introductory video has been a hit - I trust you too have enjoyed it.


Now more good news - LIFT "M" has passed paramotor certification test flights with flying colors.


The test is done by EAPR e.V.-LBA anerkannte Musterpr├╝fstelle test laboratory of Guido Reusch in Germany which is EN Test Laboratory of European Para Academy.


EAPR certification tests are specifically designed for paramotor wings and APCO are among the first to participate.

All tests maneuvers are with paramotor attached, simulating the reality much closer than freeflying EN paragliding tests.


LIFT "M" size is now positively tested for paramotor flying with full range of trimmer and accelerator combined

LIFT "M" also approved for schooling (as a beginner schooling wing) on neutral / leveled trim setting


LIFT "S" will be next, followed by LIFT "L". Will keep you updated.


Load test pending


*while we are on the subject - some recent comments on LIFT:


From Claus Danielsen, Denmark - Fly4Fun on June 24

"the pilot has very good feedback on the performance and handling of the wing, I tried it myself, and I was very surprised of the speed and soft brake input, all in all a very nice wing for PPG"


From Paul Haxby, UK - AXB on June 4

"WOW.  I think you have created a wing that will be more successful than the Force and it has a huge appeal for paramotor schools and pilots that want stress free fun flying - I suspect that the Lift will be around for many years and schools and pilots will want it"


From Marcelo Menin, Brazil - Sky News on June 3

"Come very easy and stable to our head during take off. Very nice handling during the flight."


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