Update February 2013
:: Color Update ::

As we previously informed you, all 3 LIFT sizes - Small, Medium and Large -successfully passsed certification test flights with EAPR a long time ago (before Winter set in)
After several months wait, (due to bad winter weather) we are pleased to announce that finally the load session took place and LIFT M successfully completed certification load test.

Accordingly LIFT M is now fully certified to EAPR (European Paramotor Academy) paramotor certification, including for schooling.

We are now waiting for load test session to load test other pending size. We'll keep you updated.
For all those requiring formal certification - since this last obstacle has now been eliminated, I trust you will be able to introduce this remarkable wing to your pilots too.

Since its introduction the LIFT has continually proved to be a huge success and we believe it will excite the market this season too.

LIFT is produced at maximum capacity in an effort to keep up with demand

Your orders welcome - look forward to receiving them soon.

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