July 2013

New from APCO -
:: Magnetic Go Pro mount ::

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GoPro camera for adventure sports is a relative newcomer, but already making an impact.
Following growing demand, APCO is launching a new magnetic mount for GoPro camera.

Action sports, including flying can produce beautiful shots – now you can also use a different angle to share your excitement with others!

With both tilt and roll position adjustment, the Apco GoPro Magnetic Mount will give you endless new possibilities and views for your GoPro camera.

  • The mount is super light, weighing in at under 120 [gr].
  • 16 Super strong magnets insure secure connection on any suitable surface even under extreme conditions and abuse including shaking, vibration, wind or any other external forces.
  • Compatible with any GoPro camera to date (excluding some older models with additional bulky back casing ).
  • The mount will allow for secure attachment to any soft surface, such as your canopy, harness, backpack or clothes. In addition the mount also proved successful on kites, boat sails, car windows, car and motorcycle surfaces.

CODE: 44002

Availability: in stock for immediate delivery.

Warning: positioning of the camera on the canopy may alter the flying characteristics. Placing the camera on the wing may cause behavior outside of the frame of certification.

Blue Skies,
let’s keep flying safe.



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