September 2014

:: NRG PRO::
Now in all sizes
Expanding the NRG PRO wing range

Next generation of Pylon race/Slalom/High speed XC wing
for professional paramotor pilot

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We are proud to announce that
NRG Pro "16.5" and "18.5" are now ready too and joining the "17.5" size.

All sizes now available covering weight range from 70 kg to 140 kg.

The new NRG PRO is a quick handling fast wing for pilots who want the speed and tight turns. Based on very successful NRG design, the NRG PRO provides solid base to take you to the next level - at competitions or just for fun. The NRG PRO was designed for pylon racing pilots, it is ideal for experienced pilot looking for super quick handling, combined with stability, and excellent launch characteristics. NRG PRO stability through the entire speed range makes it an ideal choice for fast XC flights.

NRG PRO smaller surface area and redesigned line arrangement is aimed to optimize handling for a more dynamic, precise turn - making it the perfect wing for slalom racing and low level fun.

The NRG PRO is perfectly suited to high-speed XC flights. At any angle of attack the wing is solid and collapse resistant, with a smooth and progressive accelerator system.

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NRG PRO designed for pilots who have the skills to handle the speed, performance and agility the wing offers. Previous slalom racing experience and sufficient training is required to safely fly NRG Pro. The wing is not suitable for beginner leisure pilot.



Size16.5 17.518.5
Product Code 33100 33200 33300
Cells 50 52 54
Area [m2] 16.52 17.518.48
Area (projected) [m2] 13.81 14.63 15.45
Span (incl. Stabiliser) [m] 9.57 10.0510.53
Span (projected) [m] 7.49 7.868.24
Aspect Ratio 5.55 5.775.99
Aspect Ratio (projected) 4.06 4.224.38
Pilot Weight (all up + paramotor) [Kg] 70-105 90-125 105-140
Weight of Canopy [Kg] 4.18 4.45 4.72
Root Chord [m] 2.07 2.072.07
Tip Chord [m] 0.4 0.40.4
Length of Lines on B [m] 5.78 6.03 6.28
Total length of line used [m] 305 325348


 Material DiameterStrength
Top Dyneema1.0mm90kg
Mid; (a1,b1) Vectran1.0mm153kg
Mid;,a,b,c,d,**Brake Vectran0.9mm115kg
Bottom A3;A5;B3;B5Super Aramid1.4mm254kg
Bottom A1;B1Super Aramid1.6mm325kg
Bottom C,D,St Super Aramid1.0mm137kg
Brake Cascades; st top Vectran0.6mm50kg
Steering LinesPolyester2.0mm85kg


Sail Cloth"Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon


V-min 27 km/h
V-trim (-) / V-trim (0) 38/49 km/h
V-trim off 58 km/h
V-max. 80 km/h
Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) 1.4 m/s
Certification DGAC Pending


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