April 2013
:: NRG ::
:: New Colors::

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Green NRG turning heads

The NRG's instant popularity is unbelievable.

They sold out in no time. New orders coming in. Pilots raving about the wing -
(take a look at APCO's Facebook or at online Forums for a taste.)

This pushed us to increase the assortment of NRG's stunning colors . Choices are now Red, Green and Grey - pick one for yourself.
(All with White bottom surface)

Below a few lines of fresh comments to share with you:

..."I would like to congrat you and making the new NRG wing, its fantastic!!!
Slow speed, fullspeed, and the handling is superb (-: "...
- Peter Backmann, Sweden

..."Manoeuvrability is incredible and the most exciting wing I have ever flown"....
- Paul Haxby, UK

..."He fell in love with the fast wing. Fast command and safe. He fells he has the wing in his hand, total command. Very good inflate at the take off. The wing comes easy to the head same with no wind...
....To fly with it is very pleasure."
- Marcelo Menin, Brazil

"I did fly the NRG for several hour today and I really not have enough words for it.
Its totally fantastic, its the most fun glider that I have ever flown!
You guys made a really great job with this wing!"
- Henric Hogrren, Sweden


The new colors will be available by mid-May in both sizes.

Your orders are welcome.

And no price hikes.

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