December 2013

::Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulleys ::

Purpose built for paragliding

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Small and elegant - Paragliding jewelry

It's the small details that make the big difference!

For years the PG industry has been "borrowing" hardware from other sports - using hardware designed for other disciplines, not optimized for our real needs. Until today most pulleys used on high end gear are marine equipment pulleys, designed for other uses!
Our new pulley has been specifically designed for paragliding.

This is a pulley with stainless steel ball bearings, allowing the lowest possible friction - big improvement when used for Speed system on the glider and/or harness.

Weight to strength ratio is impressive, under 10 gr and designed for breaking load of up to 300 Kg. The 16 mm plastic sheave/wheel can be used with any line up to
5 mm diameter.

This pulley's design allows connecting the pulley with either a webbing or a line.

Considerable thought went into the design of the body. The pulley is attachet with either a webbing or a line. Use of a line threaded through the hollow axle moves the load away from the body on to the sheave itself allowing for a higher maximum load and a better safety margin. The outcuts on the side walls allow continuous cleaning of ball bearings from dirt, insuring smooth rotation. Dirt will always find its way inside any pulley - we made sure it would be easy to remove and keep the bearings clean.


  • Stainless Steel Ball bearing design - for minimal rotational friction (316 s/s)
  • Weight: 10 gr!
  • Specially designed body with 2 connecting options
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • 16 mm sheave for lines up to 5 mm
  • Rust free stainless steel body and balls
  • M.B.L 300 Kg, W.L.L 120 Kg
  • Among the smallest available

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From now on this new pulley will replace some previously used pulleys and become standard on most of our gear.
The pulley is also offered for use by other manufacturers.
We keep stock and maintain competitive prices for bulk orders.

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