April 2018
#Narrow attachment version released#
#New colors#

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Cruiser Video

The APCO Cruiser Powered Parachute wing has now proven to be the most popular PPC wing in the World. Originally it was offered only in the standard wide attachment points version (55-63 inch / 140-160 cm spread), and many pilots with the Narrow attach points were left disappointed.

Now, following Numerous requests, the cruiser is made available also in a narrow attachment point version (43 inch / 110 cm spread).

No retrofitting needed, you can use any narrow attachment plane with this version and enjoy the same performance as already proven on the standard Cruiser.

See spec sheet below for connecting the Narrow version cruiser to your frame.

standard-narrowOpen DiagramOpen Diagram

Download Diagrams here: Wide Version (Standard) or Narrow


We refreshed the colors and added one more for all the Patriots out there

2018 colors