April 2018
:: LIFT 2EZ / LIFT EZ-R ::

Next generation of LIFT EZ

The next generation of LIFT EZ is here in the form of 2 new models!

LIFT 2EZ :: targeted at school/beginner, or pilots who want the safety and stability of a reflex profile, but do not need the accelerated speed.

LIFT EZ-R :: targeted at pilots who have graduated from the training phase and looking to upgrade to a more exciting wing - weekend warriors.

Classic LIFT EZ :: will continue to be offered alongside the 2 new versions.  It is a balance between the 2 new versions for those who cannot decide.

All 3 wings share the same canopy, and enjoy an upgraded color design which includes a
3D Cut
leading edge cut. Additionally they received the new Butt Holes 2 - BT2® for improved overall safety by passive removal of any debris.


LIFT EZ-R :: R for Racing!

The LIFT EZ-R is a new, more advanced version of LIFT EZ with the same easy characteristics, but with much improved agility, handling and fun factor!

The vast improvement in handling was achieved by incorporating the already proven
ABS2® (Auto Balance System) into the LIFT EZ-R. On this second revision of the ABS system, we have designed it to be "transparent" to the pilot. It is completely automatic and does not require any additional action or operation from the pilot.

The additional stability which the ABS2® system provides at accelerated flight, allowed us to retrim the LIFT EZ into a much more agile "racing" version!

The LIFT EZ-R is now the most versatile wing out there, it can be used from schooling to advanced weekend pilots and will provide more fun and excitement with the same safety and easy use as expected from the LIFT EZ family.


Risers :: Lift 2EZ   vs.   Lift EZ-R


LIFT 2EZ :: The 2EZ is a simplified, second generation of the LIFT EZ, made even easier, purpose-built for schools/beginners.

LIFT 2EZ shares the same canopy as LIFT EZ-R, but with much simpler lines and riser set-up.

For beginners the biggest challenge is to learn how to inflate, take-off and land. One of the difficulties for beginners is understanding and intuitively using the risers. Over complicated risers make it difficult for the beginner to recognize the A's and to understand what is front, what is back, what is left and what is right.

The risers on the LIFT 2EZ are a stripped down version of the standard risers. The main difference is the LIFT 2EZ risers are significantly shortened so each riser leg tangles less and overall easier to control. The shorter riser length allowed us to add an additional hook-in point, (similar to the Thrust risers) to accommodate high or low paramotors without changing brake set-up/length.

Additional changes include eliminating the speed system and the tip steering handles. Trimmers were left as a very short length, minimal version used only to slow down the wing towards landing. The C riser and D riser were connected together, simplifying the risers to only 3 legs - A,B and C.

Speed System, trimmers and the tip steering are often features the beginner pilot will not use throughout the duration of training and following that will probably not use them for the entire period of gaining confidence! Once ready to push the wing to its full potential, then it is time to move to LIFT EZ-R!

The result is a clean, efficient and straight-forward wing, specifically designed for the first steps into our sport, making life easier for the both the pilot and instructor - too easy (2EZ!)


RETROFIT- upgrading LIFT 2EZ into LIFT EZ-R

If the pilot is introduced to our sport, then there is no question that LIFT 2EZ is the right and best choice. After gaining some experience, feeling comfortable with the wing, it is possible to upgrade LIFT 2EZ into LIFT EZ-R.

A retrofit kit is offered which will include all necessary parts - risers, tip steering and lines to be replaced locally by the dealer. Graduate the LIFT 2EZ and explore a new world of possibilities with LIFT EZ-R, making it a 2 for 1 wing!



LIFT EZ standard version
New Design



The simplest, most straight forward reflex wing available. Designed to accelerate learning curve of any
beginner and bring them into the
air as fast as possible.
Beginner/intermediate full reflex wing. The classic,
proven all rounder

Beginner/intermediate full reflex wing. Based on the original LIFT EZ but with higher agility and quicker responses. Same large speed range and EZ characteristics.

Aimed at

Schools/instructors. Pilots in
their first steps into the sport,
gaining experience and confidence.
Beginner to intermediate
pilots that want to enjoy the large speed range of a full
reflex wing, but prefer extra
roll stability over the improved handling and agility of
Weekend warriors that need a capable, fun wing, while retaining the highest level of safety and easiness possible.

Riser differences

Simplified risers:
-Shorter riser legs
- Additional hook up point for high/low paramotors
-Removed speed system
-Removed tip steering handles.
-Short minimal trimmers for use towards landing
-Clearly marked A,B left, right
- Redesigned with clear markings and high end finish.
No ABS System.
Based on the LIFT EZ:
-Includes ABS System.
-Redesigned with clear markings and high end finish.
Unique Features

ABS – Automatic Balance System

- unnecessary since wing
cannot be accelerated in
absence of speed system.
- original LIFT EZ configuration – universally liked as the best all rounder - completely automatic, it improves roll stability during accelerated flight.

SRS – Stall Resistance System

- Easier launch and safety
due to stall resistance
- Easier launch and safety due to stall resistance - Easier launch and safety due to stall resistance

Tip Steering handles

- removed for maximum riser simplicity and straight forward use,
no need to change brake handles
during flight.
- Original LIFT EZ configuration, they provide great maneuverability with low brake pressure.

- the LIFT EZ-R is a more maneuverable wing with quicker handling, than LIFT EZ.
* Tip steering is available for turning with very low brake pressure. When used in combination with the main brakes it is a dynamic, accurate sporty machine

Butt Holes2

- keeping the canopy clear of debris always!

WSS-Wind Scoop System

- removed in absence of
tip steering.
Can be added with retro-fit kit

EHP - Embedded hook in point

3D Leading Edge cut

HIT Valves

Flexon battens

Ball bearing pulleys

- removed in absence
of speed system



Description Code













LIFT 2EZ  Size S




LIFT 2EZ  Size L


Retrofit kit:
set of EZ-R risers+ tip steering handles +
tip steering lines + 12 x top lines to be replaced.


The new versions of LIFT EZ will be available beginning of May.

Place your orders now to secure your wing!

More information will be available on our website soon.