February 2018
New sizes

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NRG XC II Official Video technical features included!

New sizes 19.5, 20.5 and 22 square meters are now available!
Offered alongside the original sizes of 16.5, 17.5 and 18.5 square meters.

NRG XC II and NRG PRO II have been out on the market for a few months only and gaining popularity every day!
Following requests from numerous pilots, we are now launching additional larger sizes for both versions of the NRG.

NRG XC II - Closing the gap between the NRG XC 18.5 and Force II small, the larger sizes deliver a fast and agile cross country experience for any experienced pilot. Fitted with the ABS system, at accelerated flight, it is a stable and efficient cross country machine.

NRG PRO II for thrill seekers that can handle the fastest and most agile wing out here. The additional sizes allow the same feel and excitement but easier to control take-off and landing due to the lower canopy loading.

An additional color option has now been added! NRG color design is the most eye-catching for those who wish to stand out!

For complete comparison for NRG PRO II to NRG XC II ::see here »»


Unique and iconic design, representing the nature of the wing !


Together with the new sizes, we have also updated our prices which are now even more competitive.

Description Code Rec. Retail Price Dealer Price
NRG XC II 16.5 33120 $3,490/€2,655 $1,940/€1,770
NRG XC II 17.5 33220 $3,580/€2,745 $1,990/€1,830
NRG XC II 18.5 33320 $3,670/€2,820 $2,040/1,880
NRG XC II 19.5 33420 $3,850/2,940 $2,140/1,960
NRG XC II 20.5 33430 $3,940/2,992 $2,190/1,995
NRG XC II 22 33440 $4,030/3,060 $2,240/2,040

Description Code Rec. Retail Price Dealer Price
NRG PRO II 16.5 33500 $3,490/€2,655 $1,940/€1,770
NRG PRO II 17.5 33510 $3,580/€2,745 $1,990/€1,830
NRG PRO II 18.5 33520 $3,670/€2,820 $2,040/€1,880
NRG PRO II 19.5 33530 $3,850/€2,940 $2,140/€1,960
NRG PRO II 20.5 33540 $3,940/€2,992 $2,190/€1,995
NRG PRO II 22 33550 $4,030/€3,060 $2,240/€2,040

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New sizes will be available beginning March.
Pre-order now to secure your size and color!

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