December 2014

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Expanding the LIFT PPC range

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Back in 2012 we launched the LIFT 450, introducing the reflex concept of high performance wing to PPC industry. It has proved to be a truly revolutionary design, first of its kind which brought performance levels never seen before on the PPC market.
With the launch of LIFT 450 many PPC manufacturers were taking a cautious approach, having a hard time believing that such a high performing wing design can be pilot friendly and safely operated. Now 2 years later, I believe there is no doubt in the market's mind – LIFT is the future!
By now we have ironed out all of the teething problems and have a mature product which is highly appreciated and on constantly growing demand.

Following market expectations we are now announcing a smaller version of this revolutionary reflex wing – LIFT 400
The LIFT 400 expands the range to accommodate for pilots with lighter trikes or pilots of heavy powerful trikes looking for even more speed and performance.

The unique design and reflex concept cast a solid base for the safety and pilot friendly behaviour of the wing. The majority of PPC pilots will fly the LIFT with no hesitation, feeling at home after just a few instructor assisted take-offs.

Read pilots feedback on LIFT 450:

From Don Tevis – Destiny USA
I have gotten a lot of good response from my customers on their new Lift-450 chutes

Angelo Chirico USA:
"... Having a great time with the wife LOVES it!"
"Morning Don....4 words...I LOVE THIS WING! I am enjoying it so much, I fell in love with PPC'ing all over again!
PS Did this before work...better than coffee!"

Todd Yates USA:
I got the wing mounted and tested. I love it. I have been climbing at 800 to 900 FPM single up my cruise dropped 800 rpm. It is a great wing thank you very much.


No failed launches,
No bad landings,
No scary feeling of shaky wing,
No high pitch noise from engine running at maximum RPM,
No tired legs from massive brake forces.....

Forget about what you knew and flew until now.


Size 400450
Product Code 11500 11451
Cells 40 42
Area [m2] 39 42
Area (projected) [m2] 34.5 37.2
Span (incl. Stabiliser) [m] 13.8 14.6
Span (projected) [m] 11.52 12.2
Aspect Ratio 4.86 5.08
Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.83 4.00
Payload [Kg] 200-400 250-450
Weight of Canopy [Kg] 8.5 9.3
Root Chord [m] 3.4 3.4
Tip Chord [m] 0.6 0.6
Length of Lines on B [m] 7.32 7.74
Total length of line used [m] 474 490

Lines Material DiameterStrength [kg]
Top ; st top Super Aramid 1.5 mm 150
Mid;st ;(bottom-) Super Aramid 1.8 mm 230
Bottom Super Aramid 3.0 mm 450
Brake top; safety BR Super Aramid 1.5 mm 150
Brake Bottom Polyester 5.0 mm  
Sail Cloth Zero porosity “rip stop nylon”


Performance Data  
V-min 25 km/h
V-trim 50-57 km/h
V-trim off NA
Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) 1.4-1.5 m/s



  • Auto stable reflex profile for unprecedented stability
  • APCO unique HIT valve® equipped for added safety in turbulent air
  • Leading edge Flexon battens®equipped (pioneered by APCO) replacing mylar stiffeners (maintenance free, ever-lasting solution ensuring stable performance)
  • Moderate A/R elliptical wing concept for unmatched performance
  • Launch and landing - straightforward on a par or better than the best PPC wing - click for video
  • Performance - L/D never seen before, twice as good compared to standard PPC wings
  • Safety as good or better than any rectangular wing
  • Turning ability and handling - agile and precise - unheard of when compared to regular PPC wing
  • Steering forces - light and comfortable - you will not have shaky weak knees even after long flights
  • Off power/full power - no or very low torque effect
  • Butt hole on tips of trailing edge for debris cleaning

Flexon battens® ,HIT valve® are exclusive APCO innovations, often imitated, never matched!!

For features web page – click here



  • 30% lower RPM for straight and level flight.
  • Great fuel saving, much reduced cost per hour flight - greener and more cost efficient
  • Significantly extended engine TBO (Time Between Overhauls) thanks to lower RPM and less stressful engine work through all stages of flight.
  • We estimate 25% to 30% of extension in engine TBO - so the wing will pay for itself very fast
  • Option of using a less powerful engine for the same performance with further dramatic cost reduction of the PPC




Lift 400 wing 11500
Lift 450 wing 11451
Bag 70845
Line Sleeves 70840

Note - the wing is sold complete, ready to fly.
The price does not include risers, quick links, bag and line sleeves .
Different quick links in stock for wing/riser connection - (depends on type of riser or your preferences):
- Delta shape #6 - 43126F
- Oval #6 - 43122F
- Oval #8 - 43123F
Quick link prices - as per pricelist
Risers - we stock standard risers 70842L (Left) and 70842R (Right)

PRICES - As per pricelist or inquire with us.

We have been very conservative and there are no price hikes. LIFT 450 stayed the same price with LIFT 400 priced slightly below.

DELIVERY- Wing in stock - your orders are welcome.

LIFT 400 / 450 - Lifting your spirit

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