February 2015

:: Split Legs Paramotor Harness ::

Two new revolutionary paramotor harnesses from APCO

Split legs with high hook-in points
Split legs with low hook-in points

For description of high hook-in version - click here
For description of low hook-in version - click here

LOW Hook-In points HIGH Hook-In points
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We are proud to launch the industry first, revolutionary ultra light Split Legs paramotor harnesses.
Designed for maximum comfort on take-off and in flight, while reducing the weight of the harness to minimum (below 1.5 kg).
The harness sets a new standard and will become the undisputed industry reference.
It is truly light yet offers safety and comfort which today is unmatched on classic Paramotor harness.

43500 Split Legs Paramotor Harness Low Hook-In points
43400 Split Legs Paramotor Harness High Hook-In points
80038 Zipped on Side Pocket for Split Legs harness
80039 Zipped on rescue container for Split Legs harness
43107C Ball bearing pulley assembly for Split Legs harness (per piece).
For harness set of 2 required


Split Legs Paramotor Harness in stock - your orders welcome.


Specs and details on Split Legs Paramotor harness with HIGH hook-in points

Specs and details on Split Legs Paramotor harness with LOW hook-in points

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