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RITMA Harness

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The RITMA is designed to fill the gap between Chairbag and Spark - to offer a lightweight, sophisticated choice to our harness line. RITMA is clean and simple, yet cutting edge in its concept and design, with no compromise in comfort, security or protection.

Settling into the harness you immediately feel the difference. Everything seems to fall into place, allowing you to focus on flying only. With a well polished ABS system, weight shifting becomes natural and easy, letting you improve control over the glider with no effort. Ergonomic, semi-rigid back support ensures hours of comfortable flying without a hint of discomfort. The RITMA is stable through rough air, yet sends small well dosed vibes straight to your body indicating any signs of lift and maximizing your thermalling ability.

High priority was given to necessity of reducing harness drag, keeping the harness profile as slim as possible with clean lines and an advanced aerodynamic teardrop shape. You will admire it when you see it and forget it's there when flying. The RITMA will attract pilots who are not ready to compromise on comfort, safety and performance of the harness, but want to have it light with cutting edge features. It is the most sophisticated and refined harness APCO has so far offered.

RITMA - leading a new rhythm in the skies...


  • Only 2.7 kg. without seatplate. Lightweight, yet durable - (Plywood seatplate adds 500gr.) Among lightest full-feature harness on the market.
  • Maximum protection - Cygnus airbag combined with airfoam and Lexan plate (more about protection under pilot protection)
  • Low volume - easy to fold and pack
  • Foolproof chest T-lock system
  • Emergency Parachute under seat. Deployment handle on the side, highly visible and accessible (APCO classic, cable based)
  • Optimal back support with APCO exclusive load spreading semi-rigid elements and thick air mesh lining for breathability and comfort
  • Lightweight quick lock buckles
  • Reflective strip for better visibility in the air and on the ground
  • Ample space in back pocket for storage of bag etc.
  • Left side pocket for easy in-flight access
  • Two additional mesh side pockets easy to see and find small items
  • Water bladder ready - incorporated attachment and drinking tube outlet
  • Floating seatplate for easy, effortless accelerator system use
  • Highest density cloth - stronger and more durable , but just as light - preventing excessive wear and tear
  • Neoprene covered shoulder straps
  • Heavy duty, scratch resistant bottom cloth
  • Double chamber airbag system for controlled air release on impact
  • Aerodynamically located air intake for fast inflation and high internal pressure
  • Integrated bridle for emergency parachute connection
  • Guided Mayday compatable - additional reinforced shoulder emergency parachute hook up points
  • Loop and slide adjusters for one-handed in-flight adjustment
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum - Aviation grade hardware
  • Special Instrument secure points
  • 4 New Vibrant color combinations to choose from
  • Slim profile and teardrop bag shape for reduced drag
  • Easy and simple adjustments in flight
  • Chest buckle / whistle for inflight use
  • + much, much more......


Weight of RITMA - 2.7 [Kg]
Standard seatplate - 0.5 [Kg]
Total - 3.2 [Kg]
Airfoam Protector+lexan plate (optional) - 1.0 [Kg]


Integrated Cygnus Airbag

Pilot protection was top priority when designing RITMA. It has an aerodynamiclly shaped integrated cygnus airbag built in (inherited from DHV certified Chairbag). The cygnus airbag, protectes the body, featuring double air chamber system for controlled air release on impact.

Foam Protector and Lexan Sheet (optional)
In addition to the cygnus Airbag the RITMA has a pilot protection system, combining the usual airfoam type protector with a lexan sheet (47143) which aids in spreading the load over the absorbing area of the airfoam offering the maximum protection available to a paraglider pilot today.

Test results conducted by DHV confirm that our standard 15cm Airfoam protector is fully in line with DHV requirements when used in combination with harness.

Accumulated experience from APCO's immensely successful Chairbag Intergal was implemented into the RITMA. The integrated emergency parachute compartment is perfectly located under the pilot seat, providing extra protection as well as having the emergency deployment handle intuitively positioned at close reach (and highly visible).

The integrated emergency parachute compartment is ideally suited to accept the range of APCO Mayday parachutes which have proven themselvestime and time again, saving hundreds of pilots over the years


Ritma Colors


  • 45050 - RITMA S/M
  • 45100 - RITMA L/XL
  • 45150 - RITMA XXL

RITMA supplied as standard complete with playwood seatplate, and emergency parachute deployment handle


42150: Airfoam Protector
Test results conducted by the DHV confirm that our Airfoam protector is fully in line with DHV requirements when used in combination with Edge type harness.

47143: Lexan Plate for Airfoam Protector

80053: Flight Panel (Deck) - Top part
3 parts inovative cockpit from APCO

80054: Bottom Emergency parachute Front container - flight deck compatible
zipped on emergency parachute container

80052: Bottom Ballast Bag - flight deck compatible, zipped on!
Designed to hold APCO's 9L Liquipak inner ballast bag.
(ordered separately :: code:21000)

42024: Universal harness Bridle
Built from 20mm. soft touch Polyester webbing - 2,200 [kg] MBL
Allows connection to the Mayday with no metal links.
(sold per piece)

34019G: Gate Lock Carabiner
Attaches your harness to the risers of your glider. Read about the Certification »
        (Not included with Harnesses, must be ordered separately)

A4901-3T: Twist Lock Carabiner
At a mere 60gr. This state of the art carabiner is carefully designed and beautifully finished to offer a safe, user friendly operation for paramotor and free flying pilots.

44000: Ballast Bag -
Bottom ballast for harness, fill up to 8 kgs and doubles as an hydration pack. Designed to be placed in bottom or back harness compartment. Supplied without item No 21000 (inner water bag).

44003: Radio Pocket one size
Convenient and safe casing for your radio
Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 30 mm

44015: Foot Rest
Really useful for improving your aerodynamic shape, improving weight shifting and taking the load off your feet

44008L: Radio Pocket Large
Convinient and safe casing for your radio
Dimensions: 210 x 80 x 40 mm

44120T: Internal T-Type Deployment Bag for Loop Through Handle
Universal deployment bag. Fits all current range APCO harnesses with integrated emergency parachute compartment.

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved