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Trike Passenger Harness

Passenger Harness

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An engineering masterpiece is the one that simply works. The Trike Pilot-Passenger Harness Set, is exactly that a simple, straight-forward solution for any trike.
Comfortable and safe, this set, does the job in an easy to use, efficient way. Elegant in its simplicity the Trike Pilot-Passenger harnesses will answer all your needs.;

UNIVERSAL in their design the Pilot-Passenger Harnesses will fit most trikes in use today.

The Pilot-Passenger Harnesses are designed to be used as part of an integrated set. Synergized to work perfectly together.

Of course each harness can be used on its own, combined they will provide the ultimate solution.

Fly Apco - KISS the pilot!

Wikipedia: "KISS" is an acronym for - Keep It Simple, Stupid

Like the matching Pilot Harness, the Passenger Harness is highly comfortable, safe and extremely simple for operation.

Universal design - the Passenger Harness has multiple connection points to connect to the trike's frame, allowing compatability with almost any trike.

Safe - A single T-type buckle secures the passenger with minimum amount of connections. allowing for quick "No Forget" set up.

Comfort - Removable one piece seat and back cushion insures passenger comfort on the longest flights.
2 Double Side pockets envelop the passenger for added support and allow ample space with in flight accessibility.

Sizing - Full adjustability of all angles allows quick adjustment of the harness to any passenger.

Strong - Wide 40 mm polyester webbings are used to secure the passenger to the harness and the harness to the frame.

Getting in and out of harness is extremely easy. The Passenger Harness integrates together perfectly with the matching Pilot Harness but will also be perfect for most single seater trikes.

**Custom branding, colors and your logo are available for bulk orders**


Passenger Harness Features
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  • Only 1.4 kg. without seatplate and airfoam (add 400gr. for plywood seatplate)
  • Super simple one click passenger buckling with T-lock center buckle.
  • Shoulder support length, quick adjustment.
  • Back angle quick adjustment.
  • Rear pocket for use of the pilot as a front pocket.
  • Loop and slide mechanism for quick adjustment of seating angle and quick disconnect of the harness from the trike.
  • Seat and back cushion removable and (hand) washable one piece seat and back cushion for maximum comfort in the air.
  • Side pockets on both sides with easy in-flight access.
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum aviation grade hardware
  • High tenacity, diamond shape Nylon fabric, for durability and aesthetics.
  • Universal multiple connection points to accommodate almost all trikes on the market.
  • + much, much more......

Passenger Harness Features
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Weight of Passenger Harness - 1.4 [Kg]
Standard seatplate - 0.4 [Kg]
One piece back and seat cushion - 0.3 [Kg]
Passenger Harness Total - 2.1 [Kg]



The Passenger Harness is firmly secured inside the trikes frame to use the cage as protection.


Trike Passenger Harness, available in Black with contrasting color design - Orange or Red. (delivered according to stock)


The Passenger harness is available in "one size fits all"

49250 - Passenger Harness

Trike Passenger Harness includes seatplate and removable one piece back and seat cushion (does not include Carabiners)


AP100-2T: 3 Ton Twist Lock Carabiner - double safety lock - 73gr.
High tech H-profile, Hot forged, from aircraft quality 7071 T6 (Zicral) Aluminium

AP100-3T: 3 Ton Twist Lock Carabiner - triple safety lock - 73gr.
High tech H-profile, Hot forged, from aircraft quality 7071 T6 (Zicral) Aluminium

34019G: Gate Lock Carabiner
Attaches your harness to the risers of your glider. Read about the Certification »
        (Not included with Harnesses, must be ordered separately)

A4901-3T: Twist Lock Carabiner
At a mere 60gr. This state of the art carabiner is carefully designed and beautifully finished to offer a safe, user friendly operation for paramotor and free flying pilots.

A4909-3T: Mini Carabiner for 25 mm webbing - triple safety lock - 55 gr.
The Mini Carabiner is a 25mm version of our well proven twist lock carabiner. The lightest in the range of carabiners!

44003: Radio Pocket one size
Convenient and safe casing for your radio
Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 30 mm

44700: Webbing loop.
Webbing loop to connect Trike frame to Wing.
MBL 1,800 [kg]
Flat length of loop: 19.5 cm

44701: Webbing loop.
Webbing loop to connect Harness to Trike frame.
MBL 800 [kg]
Flat length of loop: 15.5 cm

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved