Finesse Plus Cygnus Airbag

Apco Finesse

The Finesse Plus Cygnus Airbag is a unique harness on the paragliding market.

It offers immediate protection at Take-off (long before the standard cygnus type harnesses). This is because the airbag is kept inflated by a Lexan sheet before taking off.

Once airborne, the Airbag is further pressurized by a large Air-Mesh Intake Valve, Giving it a very high internal pressure.

Apco Finesse

The Finesse Plus Cygnus Airbag harness shares an additional pilot protection system with the original Finesse and Finesse Plus. This protector is based on a sheet of Lexan which forms the outermost layer of protection. This layer spreads the load onto the internal foam airbag protector (optional), in addition to this, the protector gives the harness a superior aerodynamic form in flight.


The side mounted reserve parachute container, which doubles as side-inpact protection on the right hand side (reserve parachute sold factory installed as an option). The left hand side features yet another new product - the Polysterine side impact protector (optional). This protector offers superior protection while giving a significant reduction in weight.

The Finesse Plus Cygnus Airbag differs from the standard Finesse in the following points:
  • Redesigned back shape. Improves freedom of head movement.
  • Separate storage space in back for backpack etc.
  • Closed sides next to hips.

  • Economy, Style and quality in one package. A variety of adjustments for individual flying styles and performance. A good blend of comfort and pilot protection with ample storage space. Excellent for weightshift steering. The Finesse is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

    It is possible to order your Finesse with many different options, either factory installed before shipping or added later yourself, including four different reserve parachutes, back protection systems and side protector. The Finesse has a complete and detailed Online Users Manual. Click on the links below to find more details about pilot protection and more.

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