The all round harness from APCO


Emergency compartment at the side



As its name suggests, harnesses is an evolution from our previous model of Finesse Plus.
The harness has been completely redesigned, only the webbing system and emergency parachute compartment are unchanged to allow for the harness to continue carrying DHV certification (Finesse holds DHV certification).

The main body and back pocket have been completely redesigned and dressed in an attractive color design.

The harness lost heavy lexan plate and are now much lighter and less bulky, but with the same pack volume. It also has a much smaller side profile for reduced drag.


FINNESE PLUS 2006 -  Features and options:


  • Webbing structure "get up system" - same as on previous model Finesse
  • Lower cut side profile for slimmer, more aerodynamic shape
  • No hard plates, low bulk, low pack volume, but large storage space
  • Bottom reinforced with friction resistant cloth
  • Accepts APCO's standard steerup, footrest, WonderBar
  • Front neoprenne fairing for improved aerodynamics and comfort - optional
  • Numerous pockets and storage compartments
  • Compatable with APCO standard accessories
  • Accepts airfoam protectors and side protectors for maximum protection
  • Fool-poof deployment system with clear and visible deployment handle
  • Modularity and adjustments are the same as for Finesse





FINNESE PLUS - Available Colors


Black with Blue/Turquoise wave Black with Red/Orange wave Black with Olive/Beige wave





FINNESE PLUS 2006 -  Sizing Table:



Size Harness Weight (Kg) Pilot Size Range (Height)
S/M 4.580 Up to 179cm
L/XL 4.580 180cm and Up.




FINNESE PLUS 2006 -  Pilot Protection:


The Finesse Plus has a pilot protection system, combining the Airfoam type protector with a Polystyrene side impact protector which offers the maximum protection available to a paraglider pilot today.

The Airfoam Protector for the Finesse Plus was derived from the very successful Airfoam for the Silhouette and Contour Harnesses. It can be used with an additional Lexan sheet.

Side Protector (47160L/R)
It is fitted by opening the secondary zip located in the
Main Back Compartment, and connecting it to two rubber bands through the slits made in the side protector (make sure to put the rubber band through the slit from the flat side of the side protector to the round side of it).



FINNESE PLUS 2006 - Product Codes:

Size Code
S/M 47500
L/XL 47600


FINNESE PLUS 2006 -  Accessories:


Several Harness accessories are available for the Finesse Plus, if you have upgraded to the Finesse Plus from another Apco Harness, you will be able to use your accessories from your old harness on your Finesse Plus. All the Finesse Plus accessories are compatible with Apco's previous and current harnesses.


It is highly recommended to use the NEOPRENE CHEST WINDBREAKER in cold whether in order to kip worm and all sow in order to improving your aerodynamic shape.


Foot Rest (44015s).

Is really useful for improving your aerodynamic shape, improving the weight shifting and taking the load off your feet.


WONDER BAR - 2 step integrated stirrup

Instead of using a main and second step it is recommended to use the revolutionary WONDER BAR that contains a stirrup and a second step, all in one.

When the WONDER BAR is connected to the harness it's held in a position which allows the pilot to insert his foot into the second step easily without ever needing to leaving the hands from the brake. This system increase safety of flight and glider speed range.

Radio Pocket (44008s).

Inside the main back compartment of the Finesse, there is a "D"-Shaped plastic retainer, to whick\h the radio pocket can be attached. Above it on the left shoulder, there is a neoprene patch which can be cut to enable you to pass a connection from your speaker-mike or headset to your radio.


Front Ballast Container (46170) / Flight Desk

Can be fitted to the front of the Finesse by clipping it into the flying (main) carabiners, where it hangs horizontally in front of the chest strap. The front ballast / Flight Desk should only be fitted after putting on the harness and closing the chest/leg strap buckles.



* The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved.

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