New!! Now even Better! Our Carry Bag is now made from a lighter fabric, and lighter formed padding. The backpack is now more comfortable and folds and stores in your harness with ease.

The Apco Glider Backpack is one of the most comfortable Bags on the market Today. It uses design features found on modern hiking backpacks, which ensures maximum comfort on walk-ins (or walk-outs). It is suplied standard with any apco glider when purchased new, but can also be purchased separately.

Serious effort has been made in choosing the materials and long, intensive trials have been conducted before we dared to launch the bag (I personally used one of the first protoypes as my personal bag for use on trips abroad, watching the long-term performance of the bag).

The result is a state of the art paraglider bag which weighs only half of the old bag.

  • Bag Weight - 1 kg.
  • Empty pack volume below half of a standard bag.
  • Bag folds into itself for easy storage during flight
  • Uses 210 denier high density ripstop Nylon with PU and water repellant coating.
  • Shoulder and Waist Carrying straps are gel padding based - for maximum comfort and minimum weight and volume.
  • Advanced material and technology were used to make this bag extremely practical and long lasting.