Paraglider Lines


All types of lines used by Apco is available by the meter. Please specify Length, Diameter, Material, and Colour desired.

Photo Diameter Line Material Strength Weight/m Elongation% at 12 kg Colours
1.1mm Kevlar (Cousin). 80kg 1.00gr. 0.80 Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
1.7mm Kevlar (Cousin). 155kg 1.85gr. 0.50 Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
2.2mm Kevlar (Cousin). 240kg 3.85gr. 0.30 Yellow, Pink, Blue
3.0mm Kevlar (Cousin). 290kg 5.85gr. 0.40 Yellow, Pink
1.1mm Dyneema (Cousin). 95kg 1.00gr. 0.90 Yellow, Pink
2.3mm Dyneema (Cousin). 205kg 3.80gr. 0.60 Yellow, Pink, Blue
2.0mm Polyester (Cousin). 85kg 3.14gr. 1.90 Pink, Blue
3.0mm Polyester (Cousin). -kg -gr. - Black, Blue
5.0mm Nylon (Cousin). 400kg -gr. - yellow, Blue
0.6mm Aramid (Edelrid). 65kg 0.41gr. 0.6%/15daN Natural
0.9mm Aramid (Edelrid). 120kg 0.79gr. 0.7%/15daN Natural
1.2mm Aramid (Edelrid). 200kg 1.39gr. 0.5%/15daN Natural

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