Here is my feedback on the F5. I flew it 10x – 3 on Trike and 7 on foot launch.

It launches very easy on the trike or footlaunch. The lightweight fabric helps a ton and it feels like a lightweight version of the EZR to me with some F3 in it. Good climb rate on takeoff, easy to control.
The risers take some getting used to, due to all the ropes, which make them less rigid than our other APCO wings. trimmers are easy to use and smooth compared to previous wings.
It flies great – it is surprisingly fast and really fun. I clocked 37 mph at trim neutral. The mohawk actually does completely eliminate roll oscillations no matter what you’re doing. I couldn’t get the thing to oscillate not matter what I did. I also did some wingovers on it (trike and footlaunch) and it still can do them, but comes back stable. It feels extremely safe to me.
I would absolutely recommend this to students over the EZR.
I love the trimmer magnets, but they tend to catch the speedbar sister clips and it can be confusing for people to figure out what they’re looking at.
I hope this helps,